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1967 Ford Galaxie 500

We purchased this car in January 1973 and it was our family car. We began showing it in 1990 and over the years we have had it to many car shows. It is a 4 door Hardtop with all original Interior and original Exterior Trim and the Blue repainted one time.

1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Specifications

Exterior Colors: Code FM= Arcadian Blue and Winbledon White
Interior Color:  Trim 6B Dark Blue Vinyl
Engine: Code H= 390 Thunderbird V-8 2V 270 Horsepower
Date: Built June 13,1967
Carburetor: 2100 Autolite 2V
Exhaust System: Dual Exhaust 2" Pipes with Glass Packed Mufflers
Rear Axle Ratio:Code 8= 2.75:1 Open 9 Inch ( non-locking)
Steering, Power Steering
Transmission: Code U= C6 Cruise-O-Matic Automatic 3 Speed
Body Code: 57B
Wheel Base: 119 Inches
Production Total: 57,085
Assembly Plant: Norfolk, VA
Features: 2 Tone Paint, Tinted Glass All Around, 390 V-8, Vinyl Interior, Select-Air Air Conditioning, Full Wheel Covers
Beltline Chrome Side Mouldings, AM Button Radio and Bench Seats
Cost New:
Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop: $2807.65
390-2V in Galaxie 500: $184.97
Cruise-O-Matic in Galaxie 500: $220.17
Two Tone Paint: $21.54
Vinyl Interior Trim: $24.47
Total: $3258.80

    The following 1967 Ford Galaxie Information is from the Dearborn Classics Website.

   In 1967 Ford used virtually the same body lines as the 1966. The new 1967 look was distinguishing it from the previous year. Ford moved the turn signal lamps from the grill to the bumper as well as all new molding and ornamentation. The 1967 had great styling, and actually had great similarity in appearance to the 1967 Fairlane. Ford offered the Galaxie in the Galaxie 500 in both hardtop and convertible, as well as the Ford Custom 500. and the 500XL available in both hardtop and convertible. Ford continued the 7 Litre model for 1967 which would be the last year of this special performance model. Ford increased the safety features for 1967 with a large list of improvements. The 1967 engine sizes available were the 240 Six Cylinder, 289 Challenger V-8, the 390 Thunderbird V-8 at 270 horsepower, 390 Thunderbird Special at 315 horsepower, 428 Thunderbird V-8, and two versions of the 427 Cobra motor in both four and eight venturi models with horsepower up to 425 horsepower. In addition, was the 7 Litre 428 engine configration. Available transmission types were the three speed manual on the column, 4 speed manual on the floor, and Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic three speed atuomatic. The 1967 offered 15 Diamond Lustre Enamel paints colors, and 25 two tone combinations in addition to 52 upholstery choices. These big Fords were built Ford tough and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of any road. These also made a place in the heart of Ford performance enthuisiasts with many performance offerings.

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