Organizing Genealogy Research

Image by waferboard used per Creative Commons license
You will have the most success with your genealogy research if you begin with a clear plan for organizing your genealogical documents once you find and create them.

Watch these webinars on organizing your genealogy so you can meet the following objectives:
  • choose a system that will work well for you to organize the many paper and electronic document that you will gather
  • know what genealogy forms to use and how to use them (especially the pedigree, family group sheet, and research log)

 Presentor Comments
5 Minute Genealogy: Write It Down 5 min FamilySearch
 Jessie Davis
A quick video introduction to keeping a research log
Research Log: Part 1 Part 2
 45 min FamilySearch G. David Dilts, AG
An in-depth treatment of keeping a research log and other genealogical forms
Mentoring Class: Research Binder 18 min FamilySearch Tristan L. Tolman, AG.What is a research binder and what should be included
Research Planning 54 min FamilySearch Karen A. Clifford, AG, FUGAOrganized genealogy starts with good planning. Learn how in this excellent video.
Genealogy Research Log
 13 min Geni         Grant BrunnerA podcast about research logs, unique for its good suggestions about advanced fields for your research log
Securing Your Genealogy 19 min 
 Geni         Grant BrunnerPart of organizing your genealogy should include a plan for making sure your work and records aren't lost.  Paper and digital security is covered in this podcast.
How to Organize Your Genealogy: Part 1 Part 2
 14 min YouTube Elyse DoerflingerA video by a young genealogist with a good, thoughtful recommendation about organizing your physical (non-electronic) genealogy files
How to Create a Research Binder
 7 min YouTube Elyse DoerflingerA research binder is useful for organizing reference files, as explained in this video.
Creating a Genealogy Folder System on a Mac Pt 1 Pt 2     
 5 min
 Ben Sayer
Digital file organization method for Mac users. Well-produced for a YouTube video.