Family Traditions and Records

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Photo from Marion Doss, used per Creative Common license

In order to take advantage of the knowledge passed down through your family traditions and family records, you will need to

  • find the many possible family records available, such as a family Bible, photographs, letters, and official documents. This may involve identifying the keeper of family traditions in your extended family, if there is one
  • discern the genealogical information that is communicated in these family traditions and records
  • evaluate the reliability of that information
  • use family traditions and records to gain a more complete understanding of your ancestors as people, beyond the standard dates and events which made up their lives.
These videos provides guidance primarily for the last objective, specifically what you can learn about the family from family photos. I will be adding more videos about the other objectives as I find them.

Video Length Website Presentor Comments
Looking at Home
 25 min
 Multiple Look through your home to find family objects and documents that may help you learn your family's history. The first half is a sweet, sentimental human interest story. The second half (beginning at 14:10) is more teaching/tips on finding family objects on records.
Family Records
27 min
 MultipleGlean genealogical data and colorful stories from your family's records. This video has a case study narrative interspersed with tips about finding, using, and keeping family records
Saving Your Family Treasures
 56 min
 Maureen Taylor
In this video, Maureen discusses how to preserve many objects for future generations, including paper documents, clothing, jewelry, and much more.
Pets 3 min
 YouTube Family Tree Magazine Videos /Maureen Taylor
The "Photo Detective" shows images of various pets in family photo records and gives some insight as to what pets meant to families who wanted to include them.
Flags in Historic Photographs 2 min
 YouTube Family Tree Magazine Videos /Maureen Taylor
The  "Photo Detective" shows images of flags in family photo records and gives some insight as to what the flag represented in the culture and time.
Visual Guide to House Styles 4 min
 YouTube Family Tree Magazine Videos
Need help figuring out what kind of house your ancestors lived in? This video reviews the features and names of many popular historical home styles.
Making a Protective Book Box 8 min
 YouTube Family Tree Magazine Videos
A tutorial explaining how to make a custom protective box for family records, heirloom books, or other items.