About Genealogy Videos

Purpose: This site will help you find the many free genealogy videos that can help you step-by-step move toward a higher level of research skill or touch up your skills in specific areas. I've arranged these videos by topic to make them easy to find. I have a limited genealogy budget, so watching free videos online is one of the main ways that I have become a better researcher. I wanted to share my findings and make it easy for you to locate the best genealogy webinars and videos for your needs. From the highly-produced Family Search webinars to some very insightful YouTube videos, I've found many informative (and best of all, free) videos for genealogists at all levels.

Photo from Gilles Dubois, used per Creative Common license

Using this site: If you want to use these videos to construct your own genealogy video course, go through the topics in the order they are presented on the left (e.g. starting with Organizing Genealogy Research) and watch the videos that seem most relevant to you, until you can at least meet the learning objectives I've outlined for each section.

Click the category name on the left to view the videos available within various topics. Because I watch each webinar myself, this isn't just a list--I make comments about the content and note what I think are the best videos for each topic. Please leave your comments as well and let me know if you have created or know of a free webinar or video that I should include here.

About me: My name is Laura and I'm an intermediate genealogy researcher. I've been researching my family history for about 15 years and still find that a great video, workshop, or book has a lot to teach me about the craft. I have greatly benefited from the NGS Home Study Course, so these videos have ended up following a similar organizational structure to that course, in order to supplement my learning. I'm very thankful to the many generous genealogists and organizations who have made these online genealogy videos available for free.