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The name Goblirsch is German-Bohemian. It is a Germanized version of the Czech name Kaplírs. The German-Bohemians emigrated from Bohemia in what is now the Czech Republic and settled in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Back Row: John, Michael, Joseph, Frank, Charles, Anton, Andrew,
Front Row: Adam, Johann, Katherine, Elizabeth, George

Goblirschs in Minnesota

Johann Goblirsch Family (Elizabeth Büchl)

Adam Goblirsch Family (Margaret Stadick)

Joseph Goblirsch Family (Katherine Schlögel)

George Goblirsch Family (Magdalena Binder)

Johann Goblirsch Family (Katherine Leierer)

George Goblirsch Family (Katherine Roppert)

Goblirschs in Bohemia

Georg Goblirsch

Other Goblirsch Web Pages

Boehmen: Kaplír ze Sulevic (Germany)

The Goblirsch Gryta (Sweden)

For more information on any of the individuals on this web site, contact Paula Goblirsch

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