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Modifications to Dollarhide Numbering

Apologies to William Dollarhide.

The modifications I have made are very simple, really. But they don't follow the original system, so I want to be clear about the changes:

  1. When numbering siblings, skip the .n label corresponding to the direct ancestor. This allows us to know the birth order of the direct ancestor, a shortcoming of the Dollarhide system noted by Dollarhide himself.
  2. When numbering secondary marriages, always use the *n notation if there are any secondary marriages and skip the *n corresponding to the marriage of the direct ancestors. As far as I know, Dollarhide didn't speak to this subject, but I consider it a shortcoming that you cannot infer marriage order from labels. This modification corrects this.
  3. When using the numbering system on a very long ancestry chain, allow truncation at some point single letter and begin again. This helps with limited computer data fields.
  4. When using the label files, you must be creating in transliterating some symbols into symbols acceptable to your operating system: "*" can become "o"; "/" can become "-"; decimals (if this is reserved) can become "p".
I have written a brief tutorial on the Dollarhide system with these modifications.