Salem County Fair--August 2013

The Genealogical Society's booth at the Salem County Fair this year was modeled after a Civil War Hospital Tent as we honored local nurses, including Cornelia Hancock who nursed the wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg 250 years ago. On Wednesday evening, president Bonny Beth Elwell dressed as Cornelia Hancock as pictured above.

For the third year running, our team won Best Presentation at the Ice Cream Making contest, with one of our team members dressed in antique clothing as local Civil War nurse Cornelia Hancock.
(l to r)
Dave Conover, Alicia Bjornson, our president Bonny Beth Elwell, and Esther Pierson.

Anthony Melita of Revolution Tours--February 2013

At the monthly meeting of the Genealogical Society of Salem County, Anthony Melita of Revolution Tours, Inc. spoke on the Battle of Quinton's Bridge. He also demonstrated Revolutionary weapons and gear. Over forty people attended the fascinating presentation.

Salem County Fair--August 2012

Our fair booth theme for August 2012 was the 1940s, in the honor of the release of the 1940 census. A power point slide show was a new addition to the display, along with our new banner.
(l to r) Olin Garrison, Bruce Peiffer. (l to r) Esther Pierson, Betty Dilks, and our secretary Emma Scholes.

Once again, we participated in the Ice Cream Making contest, with a touch of vintage hats and clothing.
(l to r) Esther Pierson, Alicia Bjornson, our president Bonny Beth Elwell, and Dave Conover.

We won a blue ribbon for best presentation, which included images of a relative killed in World War II.

Discover You're US: A Talk with Emile B. Klein--December 2011

(l to r) Emma Scholes, Emile B. Klein, Bill Stoms, and Bonny Beth Elwell at the Old Salem County Courthouse, where Emma assisted Emile in recording local oral histories for his You're US project as he bikes around America painting portraits of today's American people.

Salem County Fair Homemade Ice Cream Contest--August 2011

President Bonny Beth Elwell churns ice cream in period costume.
Participants Esther Pierson and Alicia Bjornson model their society t-shirts.
Alicia Bjornson and Dave Conover add salt water to the ice.

Alicia Bjornson churns the ice cream. We won two prizes!

Ask Granny seminar at Friends Village--April 2011

President Bonny Beth Elwell explains how to fill out a Pedigree Chart.
Emma Scholes from the Genealogical Society assists a Friends Village resident with her papers.
Society member Bill Gott discusses genealogy with Friends Village residents.
Bonny Beth Elwell presents some helpful hints for beginning genealogists.