Goc_Gov Project Events

Focus Group - November 18, 2011

In November 2011, a group of experts on gender & media issues gathered in Padova to discuss with us different aspects of GoC_Gov:
a. The link between Gender-oriented Communication Governance as a field of action and research and other social mobilizations;
b. Evolution of normative frameworks in the field of GOC-Gov;
c. Interaction amongst different stakeholders: networks operating in the field of GOC_Gov;
d. Challenges and opportunities in fostering gender equality in and through communications.
The experts and the research team (from the left): Elena Pavan (UniPd), Jason Nardi (Social Watch, WSF, Florence); Katerina Fialova (APC, Prague); Nicoletta Dentico (SNOQ, Rome); Heike Jensen (Humbold Universitet, Berlin); Claudia Padovani (UniPd); Sabina Zaccaro (IPS, MDG3, Rome); Daniela Bandelli (Master c/o Centre for Communication and Social Change, University of Queensland, Australia); Sarah Macharia (WACC, GMMP, Toronto).
Elena Pavan,
Jan 31, 2012, 1:18 PM