9. Google Group

To better support collaboration between our teachers, we created a GenderMag-Teach Google group! In order to avoid spam, we elected to use a request-to-join system for membership in the group. To join:
  1. Click HERE to go to the Google group page
  2. Click "Sign In" and log in to the Gmail account you want to join the community with (likely the account associated with your institution).
  3. Click "Apply for Membership" and review options in the the box that appears. In the "Additional Information" box, we'd appreciate if you let us know who you were and where you're teaching GenderMag. 
  4. Submit your membership request!
Moderators will be notified of your join request and should approve it shortly.

Once you're in, you can create new posts or reply to existing posts. Ask questions, share your experiences, or give advice on teaching inclusive design! Messages go to the entire group by default, so it's likely someone will be able to help you out or relate to your experiences.