Genderfloomp Dance Party

Genderfloomp is an event at WisCon (the world's leading feminist science fiction convention) that seeks to explore and expand concepts of gender via dance party. DJ Buckminster Fuller and special guests, including DJ Charlie Jane Anders and VJs Annalee Newitz, and Genevieve Valentine, will keep the party going all night—or at least until the hotel kicks us out. Gender play/blurring/queering/drag, both in dress and manner, is highly encouraged, but in no way required.

The next Genderfloomp is tentatively planned for WisCon 38 on Memorial Day Sunday 2014 in the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is generally held in  the Assembly Room (on the first floor all the way to the left).

Additional resources:
  • Keep your eye on our twitter feed (@genderfloomp) or join our Facebook group for more floompening goodness.
  • Please see the Genderfloomp Reading List for further exploration of issues central and peripheral to the party.
  • Or for aural or visual inspiration, check out our Genderfloomp Spotify song list and Youtube list
  • If you wish to request songs or suggest additions to any of the above lists (including mp3 attachments), just write to us at <genderfloompwiscon at gmail dot com>.
  • Most importantly, we would like anyone who chooses to attend Genderfloomp and everyone in the WisCon community to feel as comfortable as possible with the party. Consequently, please bear in mind that Genderfloomp is a safer space with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind (but especially based on gender identity) and that the WisCon photo policy is in effect at the party. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about Genderfloomp or your experiences with the party, please feel welcome to contact us at <genderfloompwiscon at gmail dot com>.

F*ck the binary: let's boogie!

Your hosts,

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Genderfloomp II: The Refloompening: Facebook page

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