1.     Put together a packet with eight short biographies, they should vary in, career, and marital status.  Create eight names with races, genders, and ages to be matched to the biographies.

2.     Give packet to volunteer and ask them to match the names, ages, and races given to each biography that the volunteer thinks best describes the description.  Then ask volunteers to write a few words about why they feel that way. *(see end of experiment for the test used during this expirement)

3.     Record which names were matched with which biographies.

4.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 with 16 volunteers, 9 male subjects and 7 female subjects.

5.     Record any repeating patterns between different volunteer responses.

6.     Read responses of why people matched the biographies with the people they thought, see if there are any racial or gender stereotypes mentioned.



·        Multiple packets with 8 short biographies and 8 names, races, and genders *See below for packet used in expirement*

·        Multiple volunteers of different genders

·        Pens or pencils for the volunteers to fill out packet with

·        Paper to record response data on


The following is a copy of the test used for the expirement:


Thank you for taking part in my science fair project, please read the following biographies and match them to the person listed on the next page that you think the description belongs to. Please be completely honest of your opinion.


Name:                                        _ Age:                 Gender:                                     _  


Bio # 1 : This person graduated from High School with a 4.315 GPA. They then went on to Stanford University and received their doctorate in medicine. They married at age 30 and have one son, Kaedyn. They now work at U.C. Davis Medical Center.



Bio #2: This person graduated from High School with a 2.9 GPA, they never went to college. At age 21 they got married and now live in Massachusetts with their 5 children. They work as a secretary at their children’s school.



Bio #3: This person never graduated from High School. They had a child at the age of 15. They work at Chick-fil-A, they live with their daughter, Addisyn in a group shelter.



Bio #4: This person graduated from High School with a 3.745. They attended Biola University. They married at age 26 and have 3 children. They now work as an elementary school teacher.



Bio # 5: This person graduated from High School with a 4.0 GPA. They attended Sacramento State University, they work a mechanical engineer. They were never married and have no children.



Bio #6: This person ran away at age 15, they did not graduate high school. This person never attended college. They have one son, Adyn, whom they do not see. This person is homeless.



Bio# 7: This person graduated High School with at 3.45. They did not attend school. They have worked many jobs, but are currently on disability because they are morbidly obese. They never married and have no children.


Bio # 8: This person graduated High School with a 4.234. They attended college abroad. They now work as a lawyer. They married at age 26 and have one daughter, Kaydee.



Write the number of the biography after the description that you think describes the person:



Jacob, an African American Male who is 35 years old– Bio #:              _


Abigail, an Asian Female who is 34– Bio #:              _


Rebekah, a Caucasian Female who is 37 years old– Bio #:              _


Jesse, a Hispanic Male who is 38 years old– Bio #:              _


Sarah, an African American Female who is 34 years old– Bio #:              _


Isaac, a Caucasian Male who is 36 years old– Bio #:              _


Naomi, a Hispanic Female who is 35 years old– Bio #:              _


Samuel, an Asian Male who is 39 years old – Bio #:              _



In a few words, list the top reasons why you feel each person fits the biography you picked for them.


Jacob:                 ____                                                                                      


Abigail:                                                                                                       _    


Rebekah:                                                                                                    _  


Jesse:                                                                                                         _   


Sarah:                                                                                                        _     


Isaac:                                                                                                         _    


Naomi:                                                                                                       _     


Samuel:                                                                                                      _




Design and execute an experiment that tests your hypothesis. Include descriptions of the materials, equipment, and methods/techniques you used. Explain the variables and how they will be controlled, manipulated and measured. Also detail any key steps to avoid errors, risks and safety.


Judges' Tip
Excellent students will demonstrate that they have used good experimental techniques and describe their experiment clearly and in detail (500 words maximum).