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Note: there is a health and  water call Monday’s, same time and number and pin #.

Howard’s home number: 302-875-2653 (between 9:30, a.m, and 7:00, p.m.)

Healing By Numbers

by Kim Greenhouse on August 4, 2010

in Health & Wellness,Medical Diagnostics,Metaphysical,Numerology,Nutrition

It is well-known that health conditions are associated with certain frequencies. In 2004, I hosted a show that brought together a panel of experts to discuss the frequency and composition of water. Our guest’s work builds on the information laid out in that interview: Lloyd Mear has developed a unique numerological modality that attributes numbers to certain frequencies to balance bodily energies.

The correct combination of intention and numerical sequences can transform consciousness, revitalize water, and optimize the body for hydration. In this interview, Lloyd explains how and why he uses dowsing, numbers, and intuition to promote healing like a radio tuned to the right station captures a broadcast. Tune in and discover the power of healing by numbers!