The S.T.E.P. System

S.T.E.P. - Sensory Training and Education Program

The Sensory Training and Education Program—S.T.E.P. is a specialized accelerated sensory integration therapy. Through the simultaneous stimulation of the three main sensory systems—the Visual System, the Vestibular system(balance) and the Auditory system — the S.T.E.P. is about re-educating the brain in how to properly receive, process and effectively integrate the sensory messages that it receives.

Why combine the three therapies together into one integrated approach ?

·Because the child’s system is being fully engaged they are unable to tune out or ignore the stimulation process. By combining the visual, auditory and vestibular sensory systems in unison, it allows for faster more fully engaging“re-education” of the deficient aspects of the sensory systems while also simultaneously engaging the strongersensory areas. This effect disallows the stronger aspects of the sensory system from overcompensating for the weaker parts.

Because the S.T.E.P. system is a non-cognitive learning experience, the participant does not have to think or actively engage in the process. This fact alone makes it possible to offer it to children as young as 2 1/2 years and to populations that may have difficulty participating in learning activities requiring cognitive processes.


Visual Evoked Response Therapy

Using a specially designed computerized light instrument the child will be shown a series of slow color pulses, at a rate of approximately six per minute. Throughout the course of the therapy cycle this will help to restore the visual system’s receptivity to each part of the visual color spectrum:

Magenta—Ruby—Red—Yellow Green—Blue Green—Violet

Auditory Retraining Therapy

After a full listening profile is completed the child will receive a customized modulated music program, based on their individualized needs. The music is played over a pair of headphones that the client wears while going through the program.

Vestibular Stimulation Therapy

Using a specially designed motion table, the child lies down in a comfortable reclined position while the table progresses through a special cycle of gentle relaxing movements.

"After completing the program, our 6 year-old has become a new person. Her self-esteem is growing daily. She is definitely more outgoing and assertive. It seems that a cloud has been lifted and she understands everyday tasks more, as well as school-related tasks. Before the program, she was crying daily at school when any new learning concept was introduced. Now she is picking up the whole learning process with ease. We are thrilled with the progress..." - S.M — Learning Disability

I cannot begin to tell you what a significant and profound effect your program has had on my son. He no longer just lays on the floor and stares. Now he runs around giggling. He started to become very demonstrative and gives hugs. He babbles and has started to use the word “me” to request things. For the first time in his little life his teachers are raving and he’s making progress at school. He’s starting to learn after two years of reports saying “goals not achieved” we are so jazzed! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - M.L. — Autism