Curb Side Chipping – for Spring of 2013

Update: April 5, 2013

Contact us before May 15th, 2013 for Spring Chipping –

If you are a seasonal resident and the dates don’t work for you – contact us,
and we will find a way to get your slash chipped.

The potential for wildfire is always possible, and the science only requires that there is oxygen, an ignition and fuel available for the process to occur.  When ignitions are available, then there are enough of the other two components to satisfy all conditions, and with our current drought conditions, very little moisture to retard the process.  The only thing that can be done to mitigate the hazard is to remove fuels.  Yet it is difficult work, and one difficulty is the disposal of generated slash.  In an effort to help property owners to aid themselves and the entire Jemez Corridor, the Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland Urban Interface Corp (your local FireWise Community organization) is arranging for curb side chipping of your slash.  Note that chipping may defeat the life cycle of bark beetles that have entered the slash (see our "Bark Beetles" page for details).

How you can participate:

Contact us, and register your interest if your property is near any of these areas:

Areas 1 & 2La CuevaSierra Los PinosSeven SpringsThompson Ridge 
Dick NelsonHoward FeganSandy PartridgeTom BennionHarry Jones 

Fill out the form (Curb Side Chipping - 2013) in the"Forms" tab at the top of the page.  Please send the filled out form with your payment.

Pay a fee.  For every roughly 5 ft x 5 ft pile you generate please send the Greater Eastern Jemez WUI Corp (GEJWUIC) $30.00/pile and make check payable to GEJWUIC..  If you think you may generate more, let us know, but pay for at least half of what you think you will use.  Send the form/check to:

C/o Sandy Partridge GEJWUIC, 74 Calypso, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 or

C/o Ann Cooke GEJWUIC, P.O. Box 677, Los Alamos, NM 87544 or

Your Local Contact – call/email for address.

The cost to chip is estimated on being able to chip a pile 5 ft x 5 ft pile as viewed from its front profile area in 15 minutes.  If your pile is excessively large, tangled, or contains material that has to be sorted out and takes substantially in excess of 15 minutes/pile to chip – we will contact you and ask for additional funds to offset the costs.

Cut and Pile your Slash

Once registered, neatly pile slash at the edge of the road.   All cut ends should be less than 5 inches in diameter, aligned, and pointed toward the road, for efficient loading of the chipper.  Do Not Block the Roads – but try to choose a location on your property that is easy to access from the road/driveway.  Please, no loose pine needle piles (it contains rocks, doesn’t chip & mats up in the machine), no construction waste (it contains nails and screws which will damage the chipper and injure operators), and minimize vine type plants such as willow, rose bush wood or New Mexican locus (they bind up in the chipper).  Your green waste slash will be chipped and broadcast or piled or may be hauled away, if you allow, and someone else wants it.