Welcome to my GEHRIS Genealogy page.
I have been researching the GERES - GEHRES - GEHRIS - GAHRES - GARIS and all spelling variations of our surname for the past 35 years.
I inherited my great grandparents (Daniel GEHRIS & Elizabeth MOLL) Bible from my Aunt Elsie and that was a great help in my research.
In June 1997 my wife & I visited the Rheinland-Pfalz area of Germany and the village of my ancestors in Horschbach.
What a thrill to walk in the village where my ancestors lived in 1742 before coming to America on the ship 'Robert & Alice' that arrived in Philadelphia on 24 September 1742.
In November 2011, my wife & I went on a Rhein River cruise (Amsterdam to Basel) and could not complete the cruise due to LOW WATER (a drought in Europe), 
we finished the last three days of the tour on a bus !!!