Gopal's Speech @ Cognators Club

Good Morning friends ……

I think you people did not have a sound lunch

A sound lunch should have produced more sound…

      If you have carefully noted, in India we have no daylight saving time. It is 3’o clock in the afternoon…This person has probably gone mad… At this time of the day, he is wishing you good morning… But friends, I did it on purpose… Morning is the time when we feel fresh we are at top of our powers… People wish good morning so that the day is successful for the people they meet… People who have come to the cognorator’s club.. Let this be a new good morning for your life… You have taken a step in the right direction… Should we spoil this new good morning in our life … There is one particular instrument that is with us which can make disturb our new good morning … I want all the proud hands of the owners of this wonderful gadget called cell phone to kindly switch off. Don’t put it in silent mode … Someone said that, cell phones in silent mode will disturb you silently….


         There is a frequent mail which arrives at our desktop nowadays….Which says Here at Cognizant you grow…. But how?…Before answering that question  this moment I want to share with you why for the past one year or so I am strictly following the traffic rules…Its all because of an article I read in the newspaper… A small child…. An LKG girl … This girl was sitting behind her mother in a scooty …. A lorry hit the scooty and

The girl was thrown from the scooty and the girl died on the spot.


          From then on, I always stop whenever the signal turns red no matter what the traffic is and what the time is… Friends after I started doing this, I could see many vehicles stopping for the signal after me.... I was able to lead the people to stop their vehicles … I thought I am doing something for that little girl…..  Friends, coming back to that how question… If you are to grow you should possess the characteristics of a leader.

Leadership qualities are those which will make you grow… It just requires a start and

It is not that you should occupy the highest position to be or behave like a leader. You can be a leader from your current position. You can have the qualities of a CEO even if you are not a CEO.


           How many of you here want to be the associate of the year 2007? If I say that Thomas Alva Edison did not invent Bulb and Wright brothers did not invent Aero plane how many of you will agree? Yes, Thomas Alva Edison did not invent bulb and Wright brothers did not invent aero plane…. It was their imagination which led to the discoveries of the electric bulb and the aero plane ….. It was the imagination of Thomas Alva Edison that one day we can read a book using lights led to the discovery of the electric bulb… And it was the imagination of the Wright brothers that they can fly like birds which led to the invention of the aero plane…. A person does not become big by his age but becomes big by the power of his thoughts …. Your thinking should be big….  For that you have to gain knowledge….  Persons of your age will be occupying higher positions not because they have bigger brains or bigger intelligence. It is and it will be because of their bigger thinking.


         You all know about the story of the thirsty crow… The story with the crow, the pebbles and the jar. The water will rise because of the intelligence of the crow. This story is also called the The clever crow… Even after this feat the crow would call its friends and share the water… So a leader has to facilitate that information even it was hard earned should be shared among all the team members.. This would make the team members equally competent and they will work without any grudge against each other.

The leader should share organizational things with his team members and show them where they are heading… This will increase productivity…A leader has to share information and so should the team members…


           My mother has taught me that whatever you do, do it perfectly…. I always carry a note and pen with me so that I can register my thoughts….. I am very happy to see people writing down the points… Knowledge is everywhere… This world has become highly automatic…. The doors open automatically when you go near them and they automatically close when you go farther away from it…. I read an article about the spectacles we wear… Anything you see with this spectacle can be photographed…..And do you know how this is possible…. You have to close your eyes for 3 full seconds and that’s it… You also have a remote control for the same.. The photo will be stored in the 1 GB memory card which comes along with the spectacles…. The world has become that much automatic and the technology has advanced that much…..  A leader should be knowledgeable and he should take the initiative all the things he does please give a big hand to those people.. So a leader should think big, he should be knowledgeable and be able to take the initiative.. … I appreciate those people who raised their hands when I asked who want to be the associate of the year.


          When I wanted to speak about the qualities of a leader, I wanted to give examples which you could remember easily…..I think all of you know the story of Kamsa….Kamsa… who was killed by Krishna.. Kamsa knew that according to the prophecy that the  eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva would kill him…   But what was that he did to prevent the prophecy?  He would kill each and every child which was born to Devaki and Vasudeva…. The seventh and the eighth childs, Lord Balarama and Lord Krishna  were grown at Yasodha’ss place and at last Krishnan killed Kamsa… What was the mistake that Kamsa did? He would kill each and every child of  Devaki but he would keep both Devaki and his husband in the same cell…  You know… this prophecy was called self-fulfilling prophecy…. Kamsa himself wanted that prophecy to come true…  A leader should be able to take immediate actions for potential problems in the future. If a project leader sees a potential problem in production, he should take immediate steps to prevent the same… He should not have the attitude of waiting till the production and then looking into the problem.


        Moving on this is a story that you all are familiar with…. The story of the Hare and the tortoise. What does the first story say…. The hare takes rest during the race and the tortoise wins the race.  Moral of the story…. Slow and steady wins the race..  There is another version of the story.. This time the hare learns its lesson and wins the race…. There is also another version of the story. This time the tortoise chooses the route for the running race. There is a lake in the middle of the route and the tortoise wins because it can swim. These stories explains us the essence of leadership. Leadership is not about a single person… Winning the world cup cannot be done by Rahul Dravid alone…  The world cup will be ours only if there is team work and we work as a team. There would be tem members in whom you can find they can do well on water and those people who would do well on land… You would be having a person with good technical skills and you will have a person who will have good presentation skills. The hare should carry the

Tortoise on land and the tortoise should carry the hare when in water… the entire team should work together so that  they cover the weakness and become the best team by helping their collegues.


         Now I should tell you the dark event that happened in my life… This was a dark event because it happened in the dark.  I usually go to my home at 3 in the night… Generally I take a shortcut…. Everything was going fine for some months until that night came…A street dog started barking at me.. It then started chasing me.. Of course, there was this proverb Barking dogs seldom bite … But then at that moment I could not recall that.. The only thing in my mind was the picture of a black dog with shiny white teeth trying to take I1 kg of flesh from my legs.. Even though I was riding my bike in the 60’s the dog kept chasing me… To my further astonishment many dogs joined the race… I was riding for my life and the dogs kept chasing me not even giving me time for breathing..Then I reached the main road where there were more lights and the dogs took pity on me and stopped the chasing .I still did not reduce the speed of my bike just for the reason that I had the fear of some dogs chasing me… Then a policeman stopped me on the way for high speeding and asked the reasons.. He did not believe the reason I said..

I paid him the fine … The very next day I even feared to take the bike…  When I was coming to the office in the afternoon, I saw the same dog… But to my surprise it was sitting quietly.. Even when I went very closely and looked into the eyes of the dog it did not do anything.. Then I realized the reason … I remembered the dog… But the dog did not remember me…. Friend this particular characteristic of the dog is with most of the persons who are occupying higher positions… I call this syndrome as the barking dog syndrome.. The only aim of the dog was to intimidate me and not to bite me… There are quite a number of people who actually intimidate you and you fear to go close to that sort of people… People you can never achieve anything if you are suffering from this barking dog syndrome. People often don’t give appreciation to a person even when it is not well deserved. Don’t intimidate people and instead give them appreciation… They would start

Respecting and loving you… Get rid of the barking dog syndrome or else you will only get a respect what a barking dog gets.. Instead of this barking dog syndrome, you can suffer from a syndrome which I call as appreciation syndrome, which is a lot easier. I have seen people who are not given enough appreciation for well deserving people. Friends, people are not working and will never work for money alone… Its your appreciation a small note, a small praise in public will make him work for you

     Success and failure demo… One rupee coin… Ask what success is for you… No matter what the coin turns up, ask him to take success/failure and give you the failure/success.. It is not possible..


     Success and failure are inseparable. How much far you pull the string of the bow that much forward the arrow will go that much distance ahead.. In your path to leadership there is bound to be failures…. When in my childhood, I once after losing a cricket match, threw the bat and broke my window.. Then my mother came to me and scolded me.. Boy, if you don’t know how to lose how will you ever know how to win? Really and truly failure is the stepping stone to success. Laugh at your mistakes and if you do this you will automatically succeed.. Every morning in the Amazon forest, the fastest deer knows that it has to run faster than the fastest line in the forest.., and every lion knows that it has to run faster than the slowest deer to survive… Friends it is just the case of keep running … It’s not about whether you fall down or not… Its about whether you get up again.



    All that I have said till now is applicable only to the organization… But it has been generally said that IT people are very poor in the relationships and the time they maintain with the family…. The IT people spend more time with their mouse than the spouse…

Friends, don’t overwork and spend quality time with your family. You should be a leader

In showing how to perfectly balance between work and family..


     I think I have addressed the how question to some extent…  But it is not really the how to become a leader matters… It is all about asking yourselves why I should become a leader. That matters and the how to become a leader will follow automatically…

The hardest path to success is hard work and the shortest path to success is short cut.

People who have success in their life, They did not become successful because they had determination, dedication and hard work … Its because they had an idea which others has not thought about and hence they won.. Now the question of whether you would be able to grow at cognizant depends on a three letter word.. This three letter word is invaluable to your success… that letter word is you.. All the very best to you friends…

And thanks for the patience throughout and hope this would just be a start for a brand new good morning in your life…



Gopalakrishnan G

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