What is Lesson Plan Jam?

Now that the Google Educator Groups (GEG) program has officially launched and grown quite rapidly, we are now in the next stage to explore how these communities can help transform education and provide effective professional development and networking. The Texas GEG Lesson Plan Jam will bring together GEG-CENTX and GEG-NORTX on Monday, November 10, from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in Austin, TX. The Lesson Plan Jam provides an opportunity for educators to create completed unit plans leveraging Google tools to enhance transformative practices. The Lesson Plan Jam consists of a full day session with demo slams, discussion on teacher challenges and tools, and dedicated time for "Googleizing" lesson plans. The Lesson Plan Jam uses a template for participants to customize and outline their unit plans, the Google tools used to enhance the plans, and any details on lesson activities and outcomes. Once all unit plans are completed they are submitted to one central site for the community to benefit from. Interested in participating? Please register here!