Attended many national and world conferences on teaching, assessment and the use of technology in education. An invited attendee and group facilitator at the MIT Open Knowledge Initiative planning conference.

2016AASCU Summer meeting, Denver CO
2016ACE Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA
2016AASCU Winter meeting, Austin TX
2013 Middle States conference, Philadelphia PA
2013 Assessment Network of New York annual conference. West Point, NY.
2012 SUNY Conference on Instruction & Technology.  Stony Brook, NY.
2011 Middle States conference, Washington D.C.
2011 SUNY Conference on Instruction & Technology.  Oneonta, NY
2011 Collaborative Online International Learning, New York, NY.
2011 Educational Assessment Conference.  Stony Brook, NY.
2010 Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Conference, St. Louis, MO
2010 SUNY Technology Conference.  Rye Brook, NY.
2010 SUNY Conference on Information Technology.  Plattsburg, NY.
2009   SUNY Conference on Information Technology. Oswego, NY. (Podium presentation)
2009 Stony Brook annual education assessment conference (Planned and moderated)
2008 Educause annual conference. Orlando, Florida.
2008 Educause learning space conference, Minneapolis, MN
2008  Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Cyberworld: Merging Technology, Business, and the Classroom. SUNY Farmingdale, NY
2007 SUNY Conference on Teaching, Learning and Technology. Syracuse, NY.
2007  SUNY conference on building a center for faculty development. Syracuse, NY.
2007  SUNY Faculty Dev Conference, Buffalo NY. (Podium presentation)
2007 SUNY Conference of Information Technology. Syracuse, NY.
2004  Syllabus. San Francisco, California. (Podium presentation)
2003 Seminars in Academic Computing. Snowmass, Colorado.
2002  MIT Summit on the Online Knowledge Initiative. Snowmass, Colorado.
2002 Seminars in Academic Computing. Snowmass, Colorado.
2001  AACP annual meeting. Toronto, Ontario. (Podium presentation)
2001  MIT Summit on the Online Knowledge Initiative. Boston, Massachusetts.
2000  Syllabus. Cincinnati, Ohio.
2000 AACP annual meeting. San Diego, California. (Podium presentation)
1999  Asynchronous learning networks conference. University of Maryland, Maryland
1999  World Conference on Open and Distant Education. Vienna, Austria.
1999 AACP annual meeting. Boston, Massachusetts. (Podium presentation)
1998 EDUCAUSE. Orlando, Florida.