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When training, it is important not just to impart knowledge; but to lead the learners to discover certain truths about themselves, others, and their environment. Discovering these truths, under the trainer’s guidance, should transform the learners’ views and behaviors to benefit themselves, the people around them, and their environment.” – Gege Cruz Sugue

Gege Sugue believes that Communication is a key to the success of organizations and individuals. She is motivated by the desire to help other people become better communicators. She writes for local and international readers, develops and conducts training programs for corporate and non-profit organizations, and provides consulting services in the fields of Marketing and Communication. 

Of all her activities, she enjoys training the most. Not only does she help others learn, she herself also gets to indulge in a
lifelong process of learning. She believes that life is enriched when we learn something new every day.
Gege Sugue’s quest for knowledge does not seem to end. From her undergraduate years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, through her adventures in Levi Strauss and other companies, her pursuit for higher education at the De La Salle University-Manila where she also teaches in the Organizational Communication Department, and now in her exciting roles as trainer, consultant, writer, and communication coach, she has been enjoying a lifelong passion for learning and continuous improvement.

Her competencies also include public speaking, something she has enjoyed since her early career days at Levi Strauss & Company, where she presented products and concepts to Filipino and foreign audiences. She further honed her public speaking skills as her career evolved to include training and consulting. Since 1993, she has been training learners from companies like Sykes, Royal Sporting House, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and Lafarge. Even her off-work activities include public speaking. As President of B&T Toastmasters Club and as Past Area 16 Governor of Toastmasters International District 75, she is able and willing to help other speakers become better communicators and leaders.

In every workshop and learning venue, she hopes to help her learners develop skills, attitudes, and confidence to enable them to go the next step higher in their career and their personal lives.

Gege believes knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied.