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GeeZone Aromatherapy Oils Blends

GeeZ Eau-n Oils

Custom blended oils prescribed to individual requirements.

We have excellent pure sourced, high grade therapeutic, effective essential oil blends mixed for all sorts of conditions and occasions ranging from Relaxing to Uplifting to Revitalising to De-stressing and also Custom blends made up specific to individual conditions and requirements.

For use on all ages except babies under 3 months and expectant mothers - who only have a few oils suggested for use during these periods.

Customised & Pre-blended effective oil blends available.

Oils available in 30ml plastic bottles (from £14).

Call/email for further information. Gee:- 07931 100 093 /

GeeZone also have a selection of high end brand named premium, quality, effective skincare & beauty products for sale online. Please call for prices, queries, further information and details of other products available.

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 Free Samples of Smashbox Cosmetics Free Shipping f
Smashbox Cosmetics

Sally Beauty Supply Logo

Sally Beauty Supply Shop!

 Logo Banner
Japanese Quality Skin Products
For Men & Women

StrawberryNET Women's Fragrance StrawberryNET Men's Fragrance



Holland & Barrett

Shop your favorite magazines titles

Global Coherence
Read about the correlation between the Sun, the Earth and Us
courtesy of global coherence initiative
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Passion for Flowers -
Flower Studio for Every Occasion -
Next day delivery!


Below are links to useful and interesting products, information, advice and freebies. Please feel free to browse through the sites . . . Get the information . . . Save to favorite . . . No obligations.


Lumosity Games

Web's Best Brain Games
Web's Best Brain Games


Save 25% off powerspeaK12 Foreign Language Courses
 Train like a champion or just feel like one! - Fitness solution Link to main page with intro

BBC Shop (UK & Europe)

 Boxsets, Videos, Audio Books, Books, Games, Series, Drama, Comedy, Children and more
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QVC - Today's Special Value
Every day QVC offers one product at a Today's Special Value for 24 hours.


Diet for Stress Management

Stress-Reducing Foods -
Click Here to watch slideshow

Forever Living Products
Aloe Vera & Bee Products -
Purchase online

Tianshi Health Products -
Eastern Medicine meets Western Technology -
Products & Business opportunity
- Click here
(to purchase online please contact me
for login details -

Water For Health -
Alkaline Water for better absorption and hydration.
Aids weight loss and many other conditions.

Available in 'bottle' to 'jug' to 'plumbed in' and more.
Find out more
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Health, Weight Loss,
Anti-aging Supplements

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Utopia Silver Supplements -
antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral
For Microbial Protection
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 Raw Diet Foods
Tips & Recipes

Click here

Home Remedies For Better Health -
A Guide To Self Healing, Home Made Medicine
Click here


Buy Whole Foods Online Click here
Buy Goji Berries Online Click here

Meals That Heal Inflammation -
Guide To Relieving Inflammation Rooted Disorders
As Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Ibs,
Crohns, Acne And Other Health Issues


Spray for Life
High quality effective oral spray supplements -
Excellent for travel

- High Quality Health, Weight Loss,
Anti-aging Supplements
Click here

 Enzymes -
Proteolytic Enzymes
Proteolytic Enzymes - Lose The Back Pain

Raw Food Enzymes -
Nutrition - Raw Food Enzymes

Higher Nature - Vitamins,

Supplements & Skincare.

For natural vitality & optimum health, throughout your life.

Kalyx - Foods, Supplements, Herb, Spice, Coffee, Tea,
Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Accessories Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body Herb, Spice, Coffee, Tea,
Aromatherapy, Bath & Body Accessories Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body

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Web's Best Brain Games


Personal - Getting Intimate:

Flat To Fab Breast Enlargement Program.
The Complete Guide To Safe, Easy, And Effective Natural Breast Enlargement

Sweat Free Formula! New Quality Guide On How To Stop Sweating!
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End Morning Sickness Ebook.
Revolutionary Natural Technique That Ends Morning Sickness For 95% Of Suffers.
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Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom
- The Most Powerful Natural Cure To Bacterial Vaginosis And Vaginal Odor -
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Super Hair Growth Inhibitor Lotion Recipe.
No More Shaving, Waxing And Smelly Chemicals! Now You Can Make ALL Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor At Home.
It Is Proven Effective, And As Seen On TV And Magazines In Japan. Stop Wasting Your Money To Those Expensive Inhibitors That Has No Effect!
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How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair.
EBook(R) On Stopping Hair Loss And Regrowing Hair Naturally.
Click  here

Beat Eczema. All Natural Eczema Cure. Click here

NHS Direct

Get Health Advice Now

In affiliation with

The Finchley Clinic

Colon Cleansing Products

OxyPowder - Detox and Weight Loss

Eradicate Candida completely With Fivelac - Find out more!
Eradicate Candida With Fivelac

More from the Finchley Clinic

OxyPowder Colon Cleanser

Aid Your Digestion - Remove bloated feeling - Enzymes
Active Digestive Enzymes

 Detox with OxyPowder


Get a wide range of Brand & High Street Products @ Discount Prices . . . CouponsCodes4U

 Gunnar - Protect your eyes for digital screen users. . . find out more
Web's Best Brain Games
 Argos ArgosGreat Deals on Health and Beauty at Argos - Save 1/2 Price

Lynda Dyer's How To Series -
Matrix, NLP
Click here to find out more & view program 

Your Child's Teeth
 - A Comprehensive Guide
For Parents And Caregivers.
Over 130 Pages Of Detailed Info So You Know 'what To Expect'For Your Child's Dental Development.
Written By A Professor In One Of The Nation's Leading Dental Schools,
This 'dentist Mommy' Answers The Questions Everyone Asks.

Click here

Help Your Child
Read & Write

by Marilyn Martyn -

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Football - 250 Award Winning Soccer Drills Software.
Click here

Coach Marty Stern's
Secret To Running Faster

Click here


Six Weeks To Super Fitness E-book
(pdf File).
Entitled 'Six Weeks To Super Fitness',
This E-book Will Teach You The Truth About Exercise And
Nutrition For Weight Loss.
Learn What Workout Routines Get You The Best Results.
You Can't Get This Information Anywhere Else!
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Real Man Muscle Building
(busy Man Fitness)
- Click here

Coaching for vertical jump training
basketball, football, volleyball, dance etc -
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12 Minute Workout -
Lose Your Excess Fast - Naturally!


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Womens LowerBody Makeover -
Proven In Other Media Formats
Leg Butt Hip & Thigh Makeover
Home Exercise Program - EManual.
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Margaret Lynch

the secret of intentional wealth

John  Derrick - Downloadable Subliminal Videos
 (Retail Value of $291) - SALE PRICE: $24.95.
More products available on Products & Articles page

Supermindevolutionsystem -
One of the best Personal Development Coaching systems
in the market - Find out more

BRAND NEW $37 'Lite' Version of
The Super Mind Evolution System -
Find out more

Sleep Treat -
Free Biaural Beat Mp3's

Quantum Confidence
Free Sample

Law Of Attraction
Click here

Goal Sensei

Goal Getting Teleseminar -

Superior advice and tips from

Gary Ryan Blair and host Alex Mondossian

Click mp3 player below to listen

MP3 Player

The gadget you added is not valid

Subliminal Audio -
Greg Frost - Brain Entrainment Click here

Treat Yourself To A Special Giveaway -
The Power of Belief -
Alan Tutt
- Click here

Crack The Secret Code
5 Book Set
Insight into how to work with
The Universal Laws Click here

Money Beyond Belief
By Dr. Joe Vitale And Brad Yates.

Teleseminar Recordings Helping
Participants Achieve Money Freedom -
Freedom From Limiting Financial Beliefs
Using Eft - Emotional Freedom Technique.

Science of Getting Rich -
Silva Ultra Mind System -
Tested & Updated over 30 years of research
Click here

Silva Ultra Mind & Body Healing System -
Personal development -
covers the universal laws and achieving what you want
from life - success in all areas.

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  Real Mind Power Secrets -
Super Mind Academy

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The Forgotten Laws -
This Definitely for Anyone Interested
In The Law Of Attraction Or The Secret
Click here

The Social Strategies -
Are you shy? Build your self confidence
Find out more
Click here

The Eft Coach.
Coaching With Emotional Freedom Technique
For Professionals And Beginners
Click here

The Ultimate Life Guide - The Secret,
The Law Of Attraction

Understand The Big Picture And
How It All Works Together With Your Brain

Click here

Manifest A Miracle - Law Of Attraction System -
Law Of Attraction And Reality Creation Product
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Law Of Attraction Videos Online Home Study Course
- Law Of Attraction Home Study Course
Click here

Mind Power - Remote Influence Techniques.
Discover Closely Guarded Secrets Of Your
Mind Power, Remote Influence
To Attract Health, Wealth, Love And Happiness

Click here

The Secret of Deliberate Creation by Dr Robert Anthony

Dawson's Method - Life Purpose Revealed
Law Of Attraction

Click here

Bruce Lipton - The Wisdom of Your Cells
The Leading authority in Epigenetics explains the correlation
between our brains our emotions, our beliefs, our environment
and the effect of these four things at a cellular level.

The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology


Complete Intelligent Warrior
Subliminal Video Messages Package

Adrian Law - NLP, EFT, Clearing old negative
beliefs and allowing you to move forward and achieve your dreams

Click here for more details

Electronic/Digital Goods:

New Products! - Satellite Tv For PC & Mobile Tv Pro.
Satellite Tv & Mobile Tv =
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Mobile Tv Pro - Watch Tv On Your Phone! Brand New Product! Hottest Product On Cb!
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Mobile Meditation. Mobile Meditation Produces Sound Files For Cellular Phones, MP3 Players, Personal Computers, And CDs That Alter Brainwave Patterns Creating Desired Results. Results Can Be Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Enhancing Creativity, Or Increasing Energy.
Click here

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