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 Valerie Dawson
Weight Loss Fast & Easy Special!

Dawson's Method find out more . . .
Life Purpose Revealed - Law Of Attraction Market 

Have you written down your New Year's Resolutions yet?
Ready to get your body in shape once and for all?
Ever feel like if you just had more "willpower" that you could stick to your goals more easily?

Well, I can relate!
So I created a special WtLossFast&Easy audio program that will help you! 
It gives you the willpower that you need to stick with your new, healthy eating plan. It makes getting to your goal fast and easy.And the best part is that it works with ANY plan you choose. Whether you join a program with pre-packaged meals, attend wt. loss meetings, follow a plan in a book, or just cut back on fatty foods or carbs... ANY plan!
My program helps to "rewire" you brain so that your healthy choices just come naturally. That means that next year at this time, you will be at your goal and you will be naturally making better choices.
You'll be in smaller clothes that fit you like a glove - and you'll remain at that size! No more yo-yo. No more lose-gain. No more frustration in feeling like you've failed at meeting your New Year's goal once again.
Because I sincerely want you to succeed this time, I am offering my program for 75 percent less!
Right now, my popular Wt. Loss Fast and Easy program is available for the best deal I've ever offered. I want you to succeed in meeting your goals for 2010! Here are the details on the offer (3 DAYS ONLY!): You will save $150 if you order it by midnight Pacific time. That's right! Only $47!
* It is ONLY for 3 MORE DAYS! *
NOTE: This is for the MP3 Instant Download version of my best-selling wt. loss program.
That means that don't have to wait for a shipment of CD's to arrive in the mail.... you can get started right away!
Don't miss out, go here now and grab your copy before the end of 2009!
Happy New Year!!!
ValP.S. - Remember, this goes perfectly with the guidebook below.
It will help you to "stick" to your
resolution to take better care of your health and have the
body you've been dreaming of once and for all!



Here Is Your Special Complimentary Guidebook!

"New Year Resolutions The Law Of Attraction Way"

To Download Right Click Here


Val Dawson

I've decided to give you ANOTHER 2 gifts!
Valerie Dawson, Founder of The Dawson Method, is giving away
a couple of her most popular products. They are really cool! Here's what they are:

Gift #1: "Setting New Resolutions That Stick!" Guidebook.
This PDF guide shows you:

- The best ways to avoid the 15 common resolution
mistakes - How to stay motivated and on track to reach your goals

- Simple strategies to have the happiest, most
prosperous year ever!

Gift #2: "Time Management Booster" MP3 Audio. This relaxing
21 minute program will help you to:

- Stop those time-wasters that seem to eat up your day

- Overcome "overwhelm" and get on top of your "to do"

- Be a LOT more productive - and more profitable!

With all the craziness going on in the economy, it often feels like some things are spinning out of our control. It is very important to NOT focus on things that we have no control over and to put our energy and focus on those things that we DO have control over.

What do you still have control over?.... - Planning your future. Change what is not working by setting new goals to create better days ahead! AND
- Your Time. Learn to spend your time wisely to accomplish
more and have more fun!

You're going to LOVE Valerie's goal setting guide and time
management audio

But there is a catch! (however, it's a good one!)

I want you to share these two gifts with your family, your
friends, and your co-workers.

While you're thinking of it now, just forward this page to
everyone you can think of so you can "pay it forward" and
share the gifts!

Here's the page where you can claim your gifts! Wishing you JOY!
P.S. - Thank you for sharing these gifts with those we care about by forwarding this email!


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