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GeeZone Events

Massage Therapies

By Appointment Only

The Benefits of Regular Massage

New clients have an initial consultation, to establish a
medical history, general health, etc and establish what
results can be achieved and also to rule out any contraindications
(reasons why treatment cannot be performed).

Consultation Form

Required for all massage treatments to rule out contra-indications


Recommended for all soft tissue and stress related conditions
e.g. asthma, diabetes, arthritis e.t.c. Great for relaxation and
addressing/ rebalancing all the organs in the body at one go - £40 - 55mins

Swedish Massage

Deep, medium and gentle tissue massage for breaking down
congestion and tension, exfoliation, skin and muscle toning,
enhance circulation (improving oxygen and nutrient sent via
bloodstream), drainage/elimination (lactic acid and excess
lymph via sweat, urination and bowel evacuation), enhance
immune system, relaxation and refreshing.
Remedial & relaxation!

Prices vary according to treatment.
Aromatherapy Massage

Customised blends of essential oils mixed
specifically for the individual client £1 p/m + £5
Therapeutic grade Oils blends for sale £14 - 30ml
20 Health Benefits of Essential Oils.

Indian Head Massage

Recommended for sedentary lifestyles, computer strain,
eye problems, headaches, head/neck/shoulder tension,
thinning hair, hair growth problems, improved circulation
from £25 - 20mins.

Baby, Toddler, Child / Maternity Massage

Customised massage techniques developed for young children
and babies. Maternity massage depending on contra-indications
from 1st trimester through to delivery.
GeeZone Thai Massage Therapy

An adaptation of the Thai techniques combined with
Swedish techniques including stretching, toxin breakdown,
reduce tension, enhance circulation and
decongest nerve endings - £1 p/m
Infra Red Lamp Therapy

Breakdown toxins, speeds up tissue healing and
elimination. Recommended for all soft tissue
injuries and conditions - £1 p/m

Chi Machine Therapy

Rebalance energy channels, loosen tightened
muscles around neck, pelvis and spine,
aids weight reduction - £1 p/m

Muscle Imbalance Therapy

Focus on identifying and constructing exercise plan
to restore balance to imbalanced muscle groups causing
recurrent aches and pains -£1 p/m.

Trigger Points Therapy

Focus on identifying and breaking down knots/congestion/scar
tissue inactive, referred and latent trigger points, in muscle
tissue to relieve chronic aches and pains. Regular sessions
required initially for best results. Recommended for sciatica,
upper back and shoulder, hip pains-£1 p/m.



Aftercare Advice

After Treatment 
Treatment Aftercare -
Plenty of rest
Drink plenty of fluids (especially water and herbal/fruit teas) for the rest of the day. 
Eat a light meal if hungry.
Avoid alcohol, exertion and stress.

Look into a core strengthening /stretching /breathing focused type of exercise such as Pilates, swimming or power stretching, if suitable.
Apply sun-block 25+ daily on all exposed areas.

Exfoliation - face, body & feet - at least once a week to improve general circulation and improve skin tone.

Eat plenty of fruit & veg and drink plenty of water and or herbal teas.
Puffiness around wrist and ankles - massage around wrist and ankles towards heart, twice daily after shower or bathing with moisturising body oil, lotion or cream to encourage lymph drainage.
Avoid stressful situations wherever possible.

Smile!! Stay POSITIVE!!

Watch your Words - They have creative Power!!!

 The GeeZone

GeeZone - Massage, Health & Beauty Therapies

Appointments, Services, Information & Prices

Call/text: -  07931 100 093 / 07706 567 600 / 7852 112 882

or email:

Treatment Available by Appointment

Appointment Times

 Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri - 11am - 7pm

(Sun possible by special request)


Indian Head from £25 (20mins);

Reflexology £40 (55mins);

Neck, Upper Back and Shoulder;*

Lower Back*


Foot/Lower Leg massage*

& Threading from £5

*£1 p/m

Offers on Massage, Health & Beauty TREATMENTS

GeeZone @ Cliff Dunbar Hair Salon, Fulham Bdwy SW6 

or East Ham E6...


GeeZone - Massage, Health & Beauty Therapies

291 Roman Road

London E6 3SQ

Nearest Tube: East Ham - District line

Buses: 101, 104

Free parking available


Cliff Dunbar Hairdressing

127 Walham Green Court

Waterford Road, Fulham

London SW6 2DG

Nearest Tube: Fulham Broadway - District Line – (Wimbledon Line)

Buses:  11, 14, 28, 211, 295, 391 and 414

Parking Restrictions in place



+44 (0)7931 100 093

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 11am- 7pm

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