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The GeeZone website offer a myriad of services, tips & advice for Massage, Health (body, mind & spirit) & Beauty using naturally sourced and holistic methods and solutions. Providing high quality services, products, links & information!

Holistic & Remedial services available include Massage (various techniques), Health (body, mind & spirit) & Beauty (a select range of services).

Geezone also provide onsite massage treatment e.g. organisations and businesses and workshops on various massage, health and beauty subjects.

GeeZone have a have affiliations with several high quality brand names to bring you some quality

Supplements, Herbs Foods & Superfoods

Holland & Barrett; F.L.P; Tianshi; Mannatech; Ethical Superstore; Kalyx; The Finchley Clinic; VisiVite; Water for Health; Virility Health; Native Remedies; Revival Health & Nutrition ; The Fresh Network; Sunfoods; Biovea, Prograde - professional grade supplements & healthcare

General Health Care Products

TheraBreath - Oral care; My Snoring Solutions; Gunnar - Eye protection for PC, Laptops, SatNav's, etc; LensWay - Lens & Glasses; Pro White Teeth; Luminosity - Brain Training; Power Speak12; Identity Direct; ClickN KidsBoots The ChemistSuperdrug

Skin, Body & Hair Care

Space.NK - Ren, Rodial +; SalonSkincare - Elemis, Decleor, Nude, Dermalogica +;  Strawberry.Net; Sally Beauty Supply; DHC UK; Smashbox; JustUK - Swiss herb & essential oil based products

Weight Management Programs to fit all lifestyles from

Invisible Fitness; Lose The Back Pain; Final Phase Fat Loss; Map My Fitness; iTrain; Qi-Gong; Cheat Your Way Thin; Blitz - Martial Arts, equipment & sportswear

General Products

QVCUK; Argos; BBC UK & Europe; BlockBuster DVD's; BoxFresh , Koodos LtdRare Fashions,    ChicStar - Clothes & accessories; Treatme - gifts, treats, trips; Zinio - Vitual Newstand - Mags, Editorials, Books, Single issue, Subscriptions . . , Lastminute.com - hotels, spas, holidays . . ,  and many more brand names, all at very affordable prices. Quality at the BEST Prices!

Personal Development

Personal, Life & Health CoachingDiscovering KabbalahBob Proctor - Six Minutes To Success plus , Christie Marie Seldon - Love Or Above, Access Consciousness, MindPower, Dr Alex Loyd - The Healing CodesMeridian TAPPING (World Summit)/EFT, Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics, Lynda Dyer - Matrix/NLP Coaching, and more...

We have brought together an eclectic collection of quality products, that you can purchase from and get delivered directly to your home, if you have any suggestions (within our ethos) please let us know.

We endeavour to bring you interesting and beneficial products, promotions, information, articles and tips.

All companies have secured sites so there's no danger of any fraud. Many have been tried and tested by myself!

Helping U 2 Help U . . . Unlock Your Potential!

If You have never really done anything about

looking after yourself as a whole (Holistically). . . .

Body - Mind - Spirit

There's no better time than the  PRESENT!

GeeZone - Helping U 2 Help U!

Have a Wonderful, Prosperous, Fulfilling, Happy & Healthy Year Ahead!

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Love, Light, Laughter & Gratitude In Abundance

 Stress . . .

Stress has been scientifically proven to be the root of over 75% of the common conditions and illnesses that around today. Reflexology and massage (various methods) are proven natural methods of treating and preventing stress and tension, thus aiding in recovery and even treatment of many of today’s conditions and illnesses.

More information on Stress . . . 
The Breast Cancer Site


GeeZone Therapists

GeeZone -

Professional, Holistic

Massage, Health & Beauty Therapy

Holistic Massage, Health & Beauty Treatments
& Services available by appointment.

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Massage, Health & Beauty Treatments & Consultancy by appointment  Contact Us

Have a browse through the site...

& Get to know us...

Our Aim is to Help You Get the Results you want!

Naturally, Easily, Permanently (as physically possible) Using the Best Quality, Effective, Naturally Sourced Products & Premium, High End,

Professional Brands!!

Treatments take place in a relaxing, peaceful, calming yet revitalising environment to replenish, rejuvenate, relax, recover from everyday stress and tension to remedial conditions.

Free Massage, Health and Beauty consultations, advice, tips, information, links and freebies.

All therapists are professional, fully qualified and insured in all massage and beauty techniques and treatments are provided in a warm, friendly and confidential environment.

We will also have male therapists available in the near future if preferred.

All personal information covered by the data protection act .

* 24-48 hrs allergy/reaction pre-testing required
before some beauty treatments can take place.

Helping U 2 Help U!

Natural, organic sourced supplements

health boost & maintenance, 

weight loss/management,

treat/improve conditions, 

beauty enhancements,

             detox, nutrition, superfoods, herbs & more,    

             skincare, anti-aging & beauty essentials, 

                        Personal, Health & Life Coaching, 

                        programs, courses and products.

                                  Plus a selection of high end brand name Lifestyle products

all aimed at improving YOUR quality of life.

GeeZone - Music
Gee Morris-Osborne a.k.a. Innocence
Vocal Tutor-Coach/Music Therapist
Web: www.myspace.com/geezone
Web: www.hillsideproductions.co.uk

SKINCARE & SUPPLEMENTS (for men, women & children)

Official Distributor for: - 



Official Stockist for Clientele Beauty UK

Home visits - available for certain  treatments - see treatments or pricelist for more info - surcharge - £7 - Newham / £12 - Waltham Forest, East London, Redbridge, Barking, Ilford, London area (within reason).

DecleorElemis, Bliss, Alpha-HRenRodial, Origins, BionovaClarinsBare EscentualsSBCZirhNuxeNudeMOP,
Dermalogica to name a few of the high grade,
effective skincare brands used and sold
to GeeZone subscribers/visitors offering great deals, discounts and bargains.

GeeZone - Massage, Health & Beauty
Helping U 2 Help U!


Tianshi Health Products; Mannatech; Forever Living Products;  Holland & Barrett

 N.B. Interested in your own business with low investment,
overheads and prospects.
More time for you, your family and the things you want to do!
Contact Gee for further information on

Forever Living Products


or Tianshi/Tiens Ltd

All Training offered.

07931 100 093 / geeoz5@aol.com

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The information provided on this website should not be used as a replacement for medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Always discuss any health problem or issues you have with your doctor or health care provider. GeeZone are happy to provideproducts and services which will help you to improve your health and well being, we do not aim to 'cure' any disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin. The information on this listing is for information and educational purposes only.

GeeZone is not responsible for any information or advice given on links from our website. Again, please consult your doctor or health care provider about any medical concerns. Links are primarily provided for further information or products connected with the subject discussed on the page where link's are found.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  From time to time, GeeZone will, endorse, promote or suggest services and/or products for sale.  Our recommendation is ALWAYS based on our belief that the product and it's creator will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, our relationship with that person, and or previous positive experience with the person or company who's product I am recommending. I will be compensated with a referral commission if you decide to purchase any items from any Company after viewing their great content. Please Always do use your OWN due-diligence before making ANY purchase from ANY company.

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