Current Version 1.7 Now Released on both iOS & Android

GeekTunes is a great music player with safety in mind. It has been designed for use in the car with big easy to use buttons so you can keep your hands on the wheel more while driving.

The Android version will play MP3 files wherever you put/find them on your phone or tablet, iOS version will play tunes in you iPhone/iPod media library. In addition it will play..
  • Amiga MOD files
  • New MOD files such as .IT .XM and .S3M files
  • C64 SID files (Android version now only  - Apple will no longer allow SID emulation)
  • Internet radio streams
  • OctaMED modules
  • Future Composer modules
  • TFMX modules
  • Supports media remote controls - great for true hands free experience!
  • Web browser MOD/XM download

The app also comes with advanced features for searching for tunes and a super easy drill-down feature which will allow you to navigate to your favourite artist or album using big safe buttons with ease.

The app also supports playlists which you can create yourself, randomisation of playlists. Internet radio support will also allow you to mark which tunes you like and you can email yourself a list of your favourite tunes whenever you want to.

Upload files onto the iOS app using iTunes or FTP client software, or copy them anywhere onto your Android device and then scan for them.

Many more features, and many more to come!


Buy the iOS app today! Or download the free version here.

Buy the Android version here.   Try out the free GeekTunes Lite version here.

User Manual

Download the GeekTunes User Manual: here (manual currently for v1.1 iOS only but the app hasn't changed all that map functionality speaking)

MED Sound Studio

Be sure to check out the Windows version of the famous Amiga MED music composing program. Back in the 90's, this was my favourite program which provided hours of enjoyment and music experimentation.. sometimes at the expense of others! GeekTunes supports Amiga (Octa)MED music module playback courtesy of Ray of RBF Software. Without his assistance, GeekTunes would not be playing OctaMED modules as it does.

Check it out here: MED Sound Studio

For GeekTunes support, please email geektunesapp (at) gmail.com