We are a group of Geeky & Nerdy people in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas that like to get together and make new friends and have a fun time. We like Board Games, Video Games, Roll Playing Games, Dungeon & Dragons, Movie Marathons, BBQs, LAN Parties, Hiking, Science Fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, & Zombies, etc. Even if you don't consider yourself geeky & nerdy you'd still enjoy our events. Everybody is welcome!

You can find us on the following websites:

Geeks R Us Meetup Group: Meetup.GeeksRUs.Club
Geeks R Us Facebook Group: Facebook.GeeksRUs.Club
Geeks R Us Twitter Page: Twitter.GeeksRUs.Club

Magic: The Gathering Meetup Group: Magic.GeeksRUs.Club

Star Trek Meetup Group: StarTrek.GeeksRUs.Club