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Almost every person in the world must hear the name of Amazon, as it is renowned for its exceptional e-commerce services. As more and more people are using Amazon more frequently this period, amazon also comes up with remarkable offers and coupons codes for its prime customers so that they can get the maximum benefits while shopping from the Amazon website.

But the irony in this situation is that most people don't know about the offers and coupons, that is why it came up with a solution by creating a new page in Amazon's website named where the customers of the website can visit to get details about the live and upcoming discounts offers and coupons.

Are you still having some doubts about how to create an Amazon prime account? you no longer have to worry at all as you can contact Amazon customer support number to get any of the information regarding any of your queries.

 How to Setup Amazon prime Discount Account

Customer satisfaction is the key to any business entity, so by providing amazing offers and shopping coupons for free amazon is trying to attract more and more traffic to its website.

If you are looking for the steps about how to set up your amazon prime account to avail the best possible deals through amazon com code then try one of the methods given below:

For Android and iOS Users:

1. Visit the app store or play store to download and install the Amazon App.

2. After installation creates an account at amazon.

3. Click on the slider at the top left corner of your phone screen.

4. Click on try Prime and subscribe to it.

For Non-App Users

1. open the Amazon website in the web browser of your mobile, tablet, or computer.

2. Click on signup and follow the process to create an account at amazon via

3. Visit my account then click on Amazon prime and subscribe to it.

After that click on offers to check the exclusive deals and coupons codes that are just available for you. The amazing thing is that for the first-month amazon prime subscription is totally free for its users and along with this users can get access to fast and free delivery at their doorsteps and prime entertainment like movies, seasons, millions of songs, and games as well.

Still not getting what you want to know about Amazon prime then give a visit to the amazon support at verification. Firestick: Setup Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick is a video streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port of any television and turns it into a smart Tv. So that you can access Apps like Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, or HULU on your regular Television. To Setup Amazon Fire Stick via, you need to follow the steps given below: Music: Activate Amazon Prime Music

If you want to use Amazon Prime Music on your device or you want to Activate it on your device then you need to follow the instruction given below:


Amazon is one of the well-known and most trusted brands, which provides its services all over the world. is an essential part of Amazon as you can only use the services of amazon when you are marked as a trusted user, which can only be done with the help of it. In the blog above we have described the activation process of various Amazon Subsidiaries. If you have any concerns regarding the blog or if you have any other queries regarding feel free to contact us via the chat button given on the side.