Resources: Students

with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are no longer separated from regular students; instead they are provided Individual Educational Plans to address their deficits and provide the assistance to give them the best possible education with the least restrictive environment.  Assistive technology and Internet resources can help to even the playing field.


The following web sites have been posted to our Discussion Board and briefly summarized by some of my cohorts and me for EDUC-6663-T1012 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum, Part One, Walden University.

Learning Disabilities/Attention Deficit Disorder

Links and description contributed by Janice Meyer
This site is dedicated exclusively to the parents and teachers of students in K- 8th grade who have, or are suspected to have, learning disabilities. There are seven sections that address various ways that parents and teacher can support and teach children who are struggling to learn. I feel this is a valuable sites as it includes many resources that everyone can use. There is a wealth of material available.
The LDRC is a virtual information community open to anyone affected by learning disabilities either as an individual with a learning disability a parents teacher, or concerned community member. The LDRC is a place to gain knowledge about learning disabilities, discover new teaching and education tools, share informational and experiences, and contribute greater understanding of the hidden disability.
This site develops ways to support all learners according to their individual strengths and need. The site draws on the latest brain research and multimedia technology, translates into more effective professional development, policy and practice, products, and publications. The site is in layman's terms and easy to navigate through to get critical information.
This site supports students with learning disabilities and gives an introduction to Web-based process oriented instruction. It includes topics such as Instruction, Technology, Metacognition, Adaptation, Self Help Technical Report, and Classroom Supports.
This was a particularly great site for me since I work with Gifted and Talented student. It specifically talks about students that are GATE with ADHD. There are lots of ideas about dealing with these students.


Learning Disabilities/ Students with Behavior Problems

Links and description provided by Lourdes Muxo
This is an excellent web site if you have students with ADD/ADHD. It explains how to diagnose the condition and what other conditions may be present along with this diagnosis. It has excellent resources on how to help these students get organized along with many other related web sites. It also has a section in Spanish which is helpful with the population that I serve.
This web site was developed by the University of Oklahoma. It has tips on how to deal with behavior problems that range from the simple (ex. talking) to the more severe and serious behavior. It also provides a number of teaching tips that teachers can use in their classrooms.
This web site is an excellent resource for any teacher. In this web site you can find lesson plans, tips for dealing with various classroom issues (classroom management), discussion forums as well as downloadable teaching material.
The Kentucky Department of Education has put together a number of useful resources for teachers regarding the behaviors that some of our more challenging students may display in the classroom. You will be able to find links that deal with all of the aspects of this topic, from Interventions to the laws that may be involve in the different situations.
This is a great resource web site for any mental health topic you may need help with as a teacher. It is easy to use and the topics are arranged in alphabetical order. Once you have found the topic that interest you you click on it and you will find resources that deal with that specific topic.


Learning Disabilities and Struggling Readers

Links and description provided by Gary Latman

Charles Schwab, the founder of the discount brokerage firm, had a learning disability, which did not stand in the way of his financial success. His site is for parents and teachers of children who have a learning disability. There is a monthly newsletter, which is sent to your email and registration for the site as well. Once registered, you can find and save articles on numerous subjects relating to LD diagnosis, assistance, modifications, and so on. The section on LD and Reading is excellent, having provided me with numerous articles that have helped me understand the various probles LD students may have with reading.

National Center for Learning Disabilities: Grades K-8: Reading
This site has a wealth of information on learning disabilities with links to pre-school, K-8, and high school and adult. The K-8 section contains numerous sub-sections, including Reading. There is an introduction to general reading problems, with subsequent links to numerous articles on the subject of reading problems and learning disabilities, and methods of modification. The Assistive Technology Tools Database is superb.

LD Online
The site is another example of a web site that thoroughly discusses the various facets of learning disabilities and provides links for Tools for Evaluation: Assistive Technology Tools Kits, Technology Resources, and Integrating Technology, and within each sections there are discussions about intervention strategies to address reading problems.

Mindplay: Free Reading Assessment for Learners
This online reading test provides a baseline. I haven’t used it with students, but have heard that it provides reliable results. It’s a commercial site, so they would like schools to purchase their remediation software. I found an eSchool News review of the software from 2001, which sounded favorable and suggests using it at the high school level.


Learning Disabilities and Writing

Links and description provided by Jennifer Simmons


Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
This link is just to the writing resources page, but this site offers so much more! I learned about GPAT while getting my bachelor's degree and have utilized their services since my first year of teaching!

Misunderstood Minds
When I first found this site, the words "Experience First Hand" at the top of the screen caught my attention. I immediately clicked on the graphomotor activity. WOW! Even though I teach students with fine and gross motor skill problems, I never knew how hard it was to do what they do...on a daily basis! Try will be surprised too! This site provides a list of characteristics of someone who might experience difficulty writing and it gives great suggestions on how to help writing become a strength instead of continuing to be a weakness!

Computer-Assisted Instruction and Writing
I thought this was a great article! It explains various technologies that are available to assist students with writing. The websites listed at the bottom are also excellent resources!  I'm sure you'll recognize one...Inspiration/Kidspiration!