Other Acres

Geek Acres' Unintentional Subsidiary Offices

So in researching the podcast and where its been turning up, I have discovered...  I'm not the ONLY Geek Acres out there.  And since I have received comments on the good branding of the podcast, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  I actually did do some research before settling on a format and a name.  Just goes to show, you can never truly cover all of your bases.  (All your name are belong to us ?)  Anyway, I have yet to receive a C&D Order from anyone, so as long as they're ok with it, I'm ok with it. 



Good Cuppa Joe:

Apparently there is a guy growing coffee in Hawaii.  According to the website Knowing Dot Net, Larry O'Brien is a professional writer and software developer who lives on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  He seems like busy guy; and with clients like Microsoft, Intel, and AMD...  is it any wonder ?  He dives, plays Frisbee, and reportedly makes the best darn cuppa joe that some folks have ever tasted.  I don't drink the stuff myself, but if I ever make it to Kona, I just might have to make an exception.


Rural Geeks, UNITE !!!

And then there's my fellow farm-bound geek, Duane Keys.  He is a self-described techno-geek transplanted to a farm (by choice).  Whereas my 'Acres' is a virtual space.  Duane and his wife have purchased a small plot of ground and are actually naming it Geek Acres.  His blog appears to be the journey of preparing the land and living there.