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September 2007 brought a bit of a CREATIVE OVERHAUL to all things Geek Acres.  You can now find the Netcast at the address, while the extra INFO can now be found here at  Gadzooks !  Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

So for the record, this is my  home page, just one more thing for me to keep up when I'm not doing the show.  I know in listening to podcasts I have always appreciated the shows that have supplemental info, be it a biography, pictures, or whatnot.  I'm especially big on the whatnot.


I figure this can be my place to 'color outside the lines' of the netcast.  So please check back and I promise to try and spruce up the place.  Thanks for visiting.


I will say one thing, this Podcasting thing will take years off your appearance.  Good thing, I didn't get into it too soon.


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