Doug's Second Life

The continuing adventures of Solfan Montgomery

 In May of 2006, Doug gave into the siren song of Second Life, an online virtual community.  There you can dance, build, buy, sell, and wear a set of butterfly wings.  If you're so inclined.

Since joining I have spoken with fellow podcasters and folks both near and far.  Nearly everyone is friendly and I hope to detail some of my adventures here.


Week One

Week Two

Second Life May

Second Life June

Day One: I may look like a dork, and am still figuring out the whole "walking" thing...  but gosh darnit, people like me.  Thanks to my friend H.A. (above left) for showing me around my first day in-world.  I've since lost the hat and am constantly working on the threads.

Week One: Starting to get the hang of walking and flying.  But still really trying to learn and master the GUI controls.  Accomplishments this week include customizing my look a bit more and buying a cubicle at the Podcast Mall.  Others have sprinted ahead in 'decorating' their area...  I've just tossed a few things into my space.  Literally.  Tossed.  I've met some very friendly and cool people, including visitors to The Shelter.

 Week One Update:  One of my new friends, NN.  What I can I say ?  I've always had a soft spot for girls with wings.  And blue hair.  Speaking of which, gotta work on mine.  Quite the fro I am sporting. 

The cubicle at the podcasters mall now has a logo wall, furniture and a cat.  Best part is no virtual poo to clean up.  Not that I have found anyway.  ;-)  Stop by and say hello if you're "in-world".  Oh yeah !  Andrew, my domain benefactor from across the pond is supposedly building at the mall.  Note to self...  Gotta check that out.