Dec06 Geekmeet

Visit the Sci Fi Museum in Second Life's Indigo region 

In December of 2006, Geek Acres teamed up with The Fried Geek and Sturgeon's Law to hold our first ever Geek Meet at the Sci Fi Museum in Second Life.  In the shadow of a Klingon Qarbird, we talked about everything from Podcasting to digital diners.  The get together lasted two hours, and by many accounts was simply not long enough.  Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and if the planets align just right - who knows ?  We may have to have one or two of these gatherings each year.  If you attended, or would like to know about any future Geek gatherings in Second Life, just shoot us an e-mail.  We'd love to know your thoughts. 

 Doug (aka Solfan Montgomery) shows off a spiffy new Sturgeon's Law shirt, while Mary Alice shows that the baseball jersey is still in.

 The Fried Geek, Cat from Lipstick Aliens, and Doug wonder why it is that giant iPods just never caught on.


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