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View a slide show of my paintings here. This will take you to my other site but please come back here.


Atla and I had a little photo session and this was the result.  11.5x14.5


Mr. Majestic

 This beautiful Big Horn Sheep posed for my camera at the Desert Museum.  14.5x11.5

"Mr. Majestic" was juried into the 2011 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's Annual Show. The juror, Robert Burridge, awarded it an Honorable Mention!


 A wedding gift for two wonderful friends.  11.5x14.5



 This lovely child just drew me in and I had so much fun painting her.  11.5x14.5

"Proud" was juried into the 2009 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's Fiesta Sonora Show in the Ironwood Gallery located at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.


She's such a gossip!

Companion piece to "OMG! I think I ate a bug!"  I couldn't resist the ruffly leaves and big mouths of these carnivorous plants.  11.5x14.5

"She's such a gossip!" was selected for the "Whimsical Works" exhibition in 2009 at the Blue Raven Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.

OMG! I think I ate a bug!

Companion piece to "She's such a gossip!"  I get such a kick out of the way these carnivorous plants seem to be having a conversation.  11.5x14.5






Does this make you feel like Alice in Wonderland?  Actually, the flower was about 6 feet tall -- reaching for the Arizona sun.   14x11     SOLD

"Flames" has been selected as one of 12 paintings highlighted in the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's 2010 Calendar. 



Desert Dessert

A little honey bee having dessert at a flowering barrel cactus.   11x14     SOLD

"Desert Dessert" was juried by Carl Purcell into the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's 2009 Annual Show at the  Jewish Community Center in Tucson, Arizona.





Just Wingin' It! 

I volunteered at the butterfly exhibit and wanted to paint one of the amazing beauties.   11x14   SOLD

 You can see it larger here.






Midnight Glow

The reference photo was taken in our yard during the day but I could just imagine how this would glow under a full Arizona moon.  14x11

"Midnight Glow" was juried into the 2008 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild's Fiesta Sonora Show in the Ironwood Gallery located at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.


Hard Rock

I pass by this rock nearly every day and can't help but notice all the glorious Arizona colors. Very fun to paint with sponges, plastic wrap, salt and a toothbrush! 14.5 x 11.5






Golden Arizona Sunrise

Fun with wet washes. Ya gotta paint the Arizona sunrise, right? From my sister's photo reference, I just had to paint something for the bare walls in her office. I liked the golden glow in this one but.... 




she chose the more pink/purple version which was closer to the actual colors of the sunrise. Thanks for the beautiful photo reference of a gorgeous Arizona sunrise, Eva! 

Both paintings are 14x11.






Singing Opera for Supper

These are carnivorous plants in the greenhouse where I volunteered. I thought they were humorous with their fat tummies and the way they seemed to be singing opera.  14.5 x 11.5





Fairy Duster

These flowers are about one inch across so this is a real close-up. The reference is a photo by Scoller from the WetCanvas image library.   11.5 x 14.5  SOLD






For Little Gio...

This was a commission for my friend's nephew who is a very special little boy. There are also 2 cats and a horse in the family. The mama is Italian and the papa loves music so we incorporated all of this in the painting. This was so different for me but I really enjoyed making up my own colors and all the little details.  14.5 x 11.5  SOLD




Exploration of Color

The result of a challenge to paint something with this title.  It was fun to get as much color as I could get in this little  5x7.5" painting.  SOLD






Baby Burro

I thought this little burro was so sweet. The reference is a photo by Scoller from the WetCanvas image library.  11.5 x 14.5  

Tres ConeAmigas

Tiny coneflowers. They remind me of pixies with flary skirts.   14.5 x 11.5  


Palm Samba   

Painted for my sister who loves palm trees.  11x14