Bead Embroidery (past)                      

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Below are photos of some of my past projects.

Blue Lapiz bracelet and earrings
Once in awhile, you have to make something for yourself. This is a blue lapiz stone with oval Kyanite stones on each side. The supporting beads are Sodalite with varieties of glass and silver.

Black & Green Barrette   Have you ever seen a prettier stone? The green crystals in the black stone stand alone and needed little support from the beads to create this barrette. 3.5" wide x 1.75" tall.

Wood with Native American pattern
Barrette with a wood centerpiece and a Native American pattern using shell, stone and glass beads. 3.75" wide, 1.25" tall.

Turquoise   Barrette with genuine turquoise, bronzite stones and glass beads in a bear claw design. 3.5" wide, 1.25" tall.

Woven Bracelets
Finding a unique and easy pattern turned into too much fun making several bracelets to give away on Mother's Day.

Little Princesses  Barrettes for little girls. These are only 2" wide and very light in weight.

In 2014 I opened this website and found that the information on my beading page was gone. I still had the photos on file but lost all the information about each piece. Since it would have been very difficult to recreate, I've simply posted a variety of my pieces below.