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Looking Back at You   Barrette with Jasper stones and glass bead accents. Do you see the eye with lashes in the Jasper stone on the left? I've added some crystal eye liner across the top and some lash accents. The 3 smaller stones are Dalmatian Jasper . 3.5" wide, 1.25" tall.

Jasper and Quartz
Barrette using Jasper and Golden Agua Quartz. 3.5" wide, 1.25" tall.

Jasper   I'm a sucker for Jasper and all these colors made for fun barrette beading. 3.5" wide x 1.75" tall.

Agate Spear
This stone caught my attention when I really wasn't shopping for more stones! I couldn't resist it and decided to make it my next project. Since the barrettes have a slight curve to them horizontally, it had to be placed vertically. The stone is accented with chains, shell, wood and glass. This is 3.5" wide x 2.75" tall.