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Unit VI Lesson 1

The Coordinate Plane, Ordered Pairs

Now we are going to focus on two-variable linear equations:  that is, with x and y, but not squared.  It turns out that a linear equation can be looked at as the relation between x and y values on a line on a graph (and vice versa).  In essence, picturing an equation.

At Khan,  learn about the the origin of coordinate plane where you can make a plot of a two-variable linear equation so that you visualize all the values of x and y that satisfy the equation. The next video explores the x/y coordinate plane, followed by a video shows how to plot ordered pairs on the coordinate plane, next name the quadrants of the plane, and then put it all together!  Whew - lots of new terms; better do this practice exercise to make sure you understand it all before we proceed.  And play this game to practice some more.

As you finish this lesson, you should be comfortable locating ordered pairs on all quadrants of the coordinate plane graph because we are going to build on these skills in upcoming lessons.

Next up, lesson 2, line graphs, slopes and linear equations, a long but fascinating lesson.