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Unit V Lesson 4

Linear Inequalities

To start at the most basic level, check that you know the meaning of the inequality signs; now see the rules for how inequalities are shown on a number line; then get to real world problems involving inequalities.  Now check your understanding by working out some examples of writing inequalities.  Next, word problems, one variable; can you do it?  See if you can plot inequalities on a number line; if not, backtrack one step in the Khan videos.

Let's go deeper; watch for the "swap" (sometimes called a "flip") when multiplying or dividing inequalities by negative numbers - IMPORTANT!

One step inequalities may show up as word problems.  

See if you can solve one-step inequalities involving multiplication.

Now about one-step inequalities involving addition and graphing on number line; then one-step inequalities involving addition and subtraction with graph.

Next, dealing with a two-step inequality; try your hand at solving them.

Want a little more practice - try these at the Regents Prep site.

Good Job!  Let's move on to Quadratic equations - not as hard as it sounds!