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Unit IV Lesson 2


Exponents at Khan starts with basic explanation video and you practice.  See how to deal with exponents and fractions too. What do you do if an exponent has a negative base? What about raising to zero power?  Now try out your exponent skills here and here.

You can read about the rules for dealing with exponents at MathisFun site, and if you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you can do their practice problems, labeled "your turn."

You may need to use the TI 30XS calculator with exponents on the GED test, so go here to learn how to operate the calculator to get the correct result.  Be sure to practice with the actual calculator on your practice problems.  The HiSET test does not use the TI 30XS calculator, only a simple calculator is provided for the HiSET math test.

Lesson 3 for radicals and roots (not politics!)