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Unit I Lesson 3

Factors and Multiples; Distributive Property

When you are working with fractions and equations, you often have to be able to figure out if one number can be divided by another, "divisibility" in math lingo.  Sal gives us some insights into how to recognize divisibility with numbers, and even why it works: view this video, then the next three, and try it out yourself.

Now how to find "factors" of a number; view this video first, then if this is familiar territory for you, exercise your skills on this practice, then this one and the last one.  If not familiar, view the intervening videos between the first explanation and the skills practices.

Remember the "least common multiple?" Go right to the LCM exercise to test yourself.  Watch this video if you need to review the concept first.  

What about the greatest common factor?  What's that?  Look here to find out, and then demonstrate your understanding. Of course math activities are not complete without word problems, so check out here how to do LCM and GCF word problems, and then do some yourself.

Now what about the distributive property of multiplication over addition; you can work it, watch the video explanation of this property you use a lot or look at this outline.  See some examples of this property in use, and then try it yourself.

Congratulations - you have finished unit I - onward to unit II Lessons!