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Quantitative Reasoning (45% of GED math test)

Unit I Lesson 1:  Number ordering, rounding; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; Arithmetic Properties.
Unit I Lesson 2:  Simple Word Problems, cost and distance.
Unit I Lesson 3:  Factors and Multiples; Distributive Property.

Unit II Lesson 1:  Decimals
Unit II Lesson 2:  Fractions 
Unit II Lesson 3:  Undefined Numerical Expressions; Unit Conversions.
Unit II Lesson 4:  Ratios, Proportions, Percent, Markups, % Change.
Unit II Lesson 5:  Simple Interest

Unit III Lesson 1:  Data representation: tables, pictographs, histograms, line plots.
Unit III Lesson 2:  Measures of central tendency:  mean, median, mode.
Unit III Lesson 3:  Probability
Unit III Lesson 4:  Combinations and Permutations and Factorials.

Algebraic Reasoning (55% of GED math test)

Unit IV Lesson 1:  Number line, signed numbers, absolute value
Unit IV Lesson 2:  Powers, exponents
Unit IV Lesson 3:  Roots, radicals
Unit IV Lesson 4:  Scientific notation
Unit IV Lesson 5:  Order of Operations

Unit V Lesson 1:  Algebraic Expressions
Unit V Lesson 2:  Polynomials: simplify, add, subtract, multiply, divide.  Factoring. Quadratic Expressions. FOIL.
Unit V Lesson 3:  Equations.
Unit V Lesson 4:  Linear Inequalities.
Unit V Lesson 5:  Quadratic Equations.

Unit VI Lesson 1:  Coordinate Plane, Ordered Pairs
Unit VI Lesson 2:  Graphing a Line, Slope of a Line, Slope and Equations
Unit VI Lesson 3:  Systems of Linear Equations
Unit VI Lesson 4:  Patterns and Functions

Unit VII Lesson 1Geometry: Plane Figures: squares, rectangles, parallelograms, rhombus, trapezoid, triangles, circles.
Unit VII Lesson 2:  Triangles, Pythagorean relationship; Perimeter and Area of plane figures.
Unit VII Lesson 3:  Volume:  rectangular solids, cubes, cylinders, cones, spheres, right pyramids.
Unit VII Lesson 4:  Surface Area: cylinders, cones, right pyramids. 
Unit VII Lesson 5:  Scale Drawings.

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