Matt and Tanya's Wedding

August 18, 2007

Matt and Tanya are getting married. They are one of those couples that makes everyone around them go "awww" because they are that cute. They are really excited about beginning their life together.

Update 8/28/07:

Our wedding day was perfect! We had a great time and hope that all our guests did as well. Things have been super busy with me unpacking and us going on our honeymoon. I haven't had time to get some pictures ready to put up here. Our photographer Steve does have a blog where you can see some of our pictures. Enjoy!

Update 8/18/07:

Today is our Wedding Day. Its so exciting! We aren't nervous though. Mostly we wish that things will go smoothly. Even if they don't at least we will have some good stories to tell. I will try to get some pictures up soon after the honeymoon, so check back in a week or so, to see how things went.

Update 8/13/07:

Its almost here. We are really excited! After months of planning, we can't wait to have our wedding and begin our marriage. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. Bring your dancing shoes on Saturday, we want everyone to have a good time. It will be a great celebration!

Update 7/24/07:

Send back your response cards! Everyday I can't wait to get home and check the mail. We're getting excited, the wedding is not far off. We have been busy trying to finish up the wedding preparations. I never realized there is so much to do. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Update 7/11/07:

Sent! I finally have the invitations in the mail. If you happen to have received a response card with no stamp... I'm sorry. We tried. Tonight we are meeting with the Wedding Coordinator at Calvary to get things all lined up for the Ceremony. Look forward to seeing you then.

Update 7/7/07:

Yesterday, we sampled the food for our reception. It will be great. Everyone should be pleased with our selections. Come hungry!

I also added another hotel to the Accommodations page. The Super 8 is very close to the McCrory house, if you are visiting.

Update 6/18/07:

We only have two months to go! This past weekend we moved Matt into our new home. I will be moving in after we get married. Its amazing how much stuff we had, a lot more than we thought. Unfortunately, you cannot eat video games, or cook with musical instruments. Most of our things are not practical. Its been good nesting and setting things up in our new home.

This week we are shifting our focus from house stuff to wedding stuff. Check back for more updates.


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