GEDCOM View and Compare

NEWS 09.05.2015: GEDCOM View and Compare V1.0.1 moved to Github and change of license to GPL 2.0.
The reason of this move is the fact that I cannot support the code appropriately. I hope to get collaborators to maintain the tool by moving it to a publicly, open source community space.

GEDCOM View and Compare (GVC) is a software to handle files of the GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) format. The current version of GVC (v1.0) offers the following features:
  • Visualization of differences in the data of persons included in two GEDCOM files.
  • Creation of new GEDCOM datasets comprising either the difference (i.e. the persons missing in one of the two files) or the union (persons missing AND persons available in both files).
  • Creation of XML data from the GEDCOM source: original data and the data sets created with GVC
  • Save GEDCOM and XML data sets to disk
  • Display data in XML in table form via pre-defined stylesheet
Target group of "GEDCOM View and Compare" are persons who are interested in geneological research and who have to handle geneological data of more than one source or who maintain geneological data in several places - for instance if you keep family trees in more than one internet provided genealogy services like,, etc.

From my perspective, version 1 has the required set of functions to process genealogical data from two sources to be able to find out differences and synchronize the data sets. This was my primary intention when starting the project. Nevertheless, I have a couple of ideas what could be added to the feature set of GVC. If you like the program and you have your own ideas what could/should be added or changed, feel free to use the comment feature on this page.