Announcing for the first time... GEARS debate 2009-2010 for the NCFCA resolution... Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform it's environmental policy.

The Good Evidence And Refutation Sourcebook will provide the solid foundation for good debates. In order to have a deep, thorough debate, you can't throw a million arguments at the affirmative team and expect to win. Instead, the best teams run fewer, well thought out, deep arguments that win the round on sheer merit of the argument.  GEARS will allow you to dismantle an affirmative case from the very core or 'gears'. On the flip side, if you are affirmative, you don't want to read some sloppily constructed affirmative case that either has too much evidence, loosely cut evidence, or a multitude of other problems that plague sourcebook affirmatives. The cases constructed in GEARS will allow you to run any one of them at a moments notice and know that they fall within time, are cut well, aren't plagued by contradicting evidence, and are throughly persuasive. 

What makes GEARS different?

Most sourcebooks throw 12-20 shoddily constructed affirmatives at you that you won't even use.

GEARS affirmatives will be solidly constructed so that you can read ANY one of them in ANY round and be able to defend them solidly. GEARS affirmatives won't just be squirrel cases that don't have any real life merit. Cases in GEARS will be on varying topics from large policy changes to addressing  specific problems need to be fixed

Most sourcebooks provide you with negatives that only apply to the case at hand.

GEARS provides case specific negatives for the affirmative cases listed. However, your real advantage starts when you open the book to the Generic section. Powerful disadvantages that apply to many cases, interesting and useful background information, and devastating briefs that apply to a wide range of topics.

Have you ever looked at the tag from a sourcebook quote and read something that is completely the opposite? 

All of GEARS' evidence will be properly cited and tagged accurately. 

GEARS debate will provide a jump start for novices to advanced debaters alike.