GEAROID EDMONDS born 1957, a native of Limerick, Ireland, started painting at an early age, studied classical violin from the age of twelve and still plays. In order to develop left hand dexterity, he began to write with the left hand. This led to writing with both hands simultaneously, and then to painting with both hands simultaneously and finally to painting what various pieces of music (symphonies concertos etc.)suggest to the imagination. He also make semi-abstract paintings using two hands, which are not consciously related to music. Over the past twenty years he has painted over one hundred paintings inspired by classical music compositions . He has made abstract films to accompany  compositions such as------ POEM OF ESTASY(SKRIABIN) PETITE SUITE(DEBUSSY) SYMPHONY NO5(DVORAK) Some of these films can be watched on youtube.

On My Methods of Painting

Over many years, I have developed a unique way of painting using both my left and right hands with multiple brushes in each hand. I use the colors suggested to me by the music in an attempt to reveal what lies in the heart of music compositions in my paintings. While musical notes suggest colors to me, it should be remarked that the same note played on different instruments (e.g. piano and trumpet) may suggest a different colour to me, and therefore one cannot say that in every musical composition I perceive a given note, for example C, as always being white (as perceived by the composer Rimsky Korsakov) or always being red (per the composers Scriabin and Sibelius). And, unlike a composer, I as an artist am not constrained to using two colors (the composer writes all his notes black on a white page). Nor do I have to write all notes on a set of five lines called a stave, making every note an identical size. Why use two hands?--Well how many people play chords on the piano with one hand?

To explain the logic behind my method of holding groups of brushes loaded with different colors in both hands while painting music, it may be helpful to consider an example. Let us select a sequence of two chords and assign colors to the individual notes. Suppose the first chord is Cmajor, notes CEG (played with the left hand) and notes GCE (played with the right hand), while the second chord is Gmajor GDG (left hand) and GBD (right hand). Let us suppose C suggests white, G green, E red, D yellow and B orange. Now I would paint these two chords as follows; the first chord, with white-green-white loaded brushes in my left hand and green-white-red brushes in my right hand; and the second chord, with green-yellow-green in my left hand and with green-orange-yellow in my right hand. I use a cassette player while I paint the music. This allows me to pause the recording whenever I need to change brushes or mix paint.

moonlit houseHouse in the moonlight
                                                                                                            This painting below was inspired by Beethonen's piano sonata known as a Therese
a painting inspired by scriabin's poem of ecstasy        The painting on the left (size 48 inches x
 48 inches)was inspired by Scriabin's POEM OF ECSTASY.

oil painting painted in a semi abstract style          

above painting measures 24 and a half inches x 28 inches,and below painting is 48 x 48 inches is a painting inspired by Dvorak's string quartet(the american)

oil painting on hardboard 4ft x 4ft inspired by dvoraks american quartet