Ufficial Toshl client now available for Gear!


Know where your money is going
All those coffees, car fill-ups and restaurant meals really add up.
Get to know how much money you spend and for what.
That's the first step to financial freedom.

Make your paycheck last longer
Set up a budget to remind you not to spend too much.
That way you can save some money at the end of the month.
You can even budget for specific expenses. Like candy.

Peace of mind about your finances
Worry less. Because Toshl makes it easy to know where your finances stand you can sleep easier at night. Maybe even go travel like you've always wanted. Now you know you can afford it.
Toshl finance © http://toshl.com


  • Add expenses, incomes and budgets just from your wrist
  • Input amount from big numeric keyboard
  • Swipe left on amount input to see calculator. Press arrow right to copy calculator value to amount
  • Select multiple tags or add new one
  • Pick date, description currency and currency rate
  • Expenses and incomes are grouped by date. Older items automatically removes to reduce memory usage
  • You can see details of expense or income by clicking on date
  • Budget widget. You can see last 3 budgets (Only for Gear S)
  • Most logic performs on watch to minimize server connection