This FAQ is for the Gear4Sale Community at Reddit.com. It is my sincere hope to be closely aligned with the following Sub-Reddits:

Purpose: This community is for the sale/trade of personally owned music related items and equipment from redditor to redditor. No retail or wholesale sales will be allowed. This includes any linking to outside sites for retail or wholesale sales. This Community will be narowlly focused on selling and feedback on gear and sellers/buyers only. Music realted discussion belongs in the various communities listed above.

Just so there is no confusion - The purpose of this subreddit is for the buying/selling/trading of music related instruments and gear. It is not a place for retailers and wholesalers to post and advertise their wares, nor is it for shills to come in and post links to retail wholesale stores.

In addition please do not post seeking commentary on how much you think your gear is worth. There are other guitar related subreddits that are more suited for this, please see the above links.

Gear4Sale understands the posting of links to retail stores so the potential purchaser can read about the item, but in order to do so, you must also post a link to the picture of your item. In other words you should not have one without the other. It will get your post deleted. POSTS that link directly to a retail site without an additional link to the OP's  own gear for sale will be deleted.

Terms of Use: This community will strictly adhere to the terms outlined by Reddit.com here: --> http://www.reddit.com/help/prohibitedads
The prohibited ads will be the final say in all posting matters. It is subject to change at any time, so it is up to the individual poster to make sure they are familiar with the terms prior to posting. If there is any question about what you want to post, please e-mail me, Code347 with your issue. This community will operate on the Three Strike Rule. (See below)

Reddit's Terms of Service for Ads area as follows: !!SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME!!

Prohibited Advertisements/Items and Services

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that the items or services listed for sale in its advertisements are appropriate for sale under our User Agreement and all applicable laws and regulations. Reddit.com reserves the right, at its absolute discretion and at any time, to reject or delete any advertising copy, whether or not the same has already been acknowledged and/or previously published, including but not limited for reasons relating to the contents of the advertisement or any technology associated with the advertisement. Nevertheless, we do not make any warranties or guarantees that Reddit.com undertakes the obligation or duty to look for or remove prohibited ads. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Advertisers shall not advertise and/or sell the following items or services on Reddit.com under any circumstances:

  1. Any item or service that is harmful to minors, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
  2. Illegal or restricted weapons and related accessories, including but not limited to the following:
    • Firearms and firearm accessories, including ammunition, scopes, and silencers.
    • Switchblade knives.
    • Any concealed weapon.
    • Any explosive device.
    • Martial arts weapons.
  3. Any tobacco products, cigarettes, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia (including items to grow, manufacture, or distribute the same), prescription drugs, and medical devices, including but not limited to any medical device that requires fitting by a certified practitioner or licensed seller.
  4. Any item that violates any U.S. export law or regulation, including any items subject to the terms of the U.S. embargoes against Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), Sudan, and any other embargoed country.
  5. Any item that infringes the rights of a third party, including items that violate copyrights, trademarks, publicity, or privacy rights of third parties. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Unauthorized copies of software, music, video games, movies, photos, or other media.
    • Bootleg recordings of concerts, movies, or other performances.
    • Sale of back-up copies of software.
  6. Any item that is counterfeit or stolen, including but not limited to items that are:
    • "Replicas," "knock-offs," in the same "style" as, or "fake" versions of a name brand product.
    • Counterfeit, or for the purpose of producing counterfeit, currency, stamps, or government identification.
    • Inauthentic sports collectibles, celebrity autographs, or otherwise inauthentic versions of memorabilia or other items with inauthentic signatures.
  7. Any item that promotes, glorifies, or is directly associated with groups or individuals known principally for hateful or violent positions or acts, such as Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan. Official government-issue stamps and coins are not prohibited under this policy. Expressive media, such as books and films, may be subject to more permissive standards as determined by Reddit.com in its discretion.
  8. Any animal items that are subject to regulations or laws for the protection of live animals, including endangered species and domesticated animals, as well as any products made from or including any parts of an animal protected by law or regulation. (Please note: Pets may be offered for adoption on Reddit.com to the extent such adoptions are made by bona fide animal welfare organizations.)
  9. Any item that has been the subject of a product recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, other government agency, or product manufacturer.
  10. Any item used for hacking, intercepting, jamming, descrambling, or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to wire, electronic, or other types of communications.
  11. Bodies, body parts, bodily fluids. For example: cadavers, organs, "clean" urine for drug tests, sperm, eggs, blood, breast milk.
  12. Fireworks, explosives, or any hazardous material or restricted chemical.
  13. Materials that could combine to create an explosive devise.
  14. Government-issued identification documents, whether authentic or counterfeit (e.g., fake IDs for age verification, fake government credentials, passports, green cards, birth certificates), police badges or insignia, and any other law enforcement items (e.g., FBI identification cards, badges, uniforms, flashing lights/sirens, etc.) generally restricted for sale under federal and state law.
  15. Stocks and securities.
  16. Gambling (including but not limited to online gambling; poker; sports books and sports betting; sites that provide tips, odds and handicapping; lottery tickets; sweepstakes; pyramid schemes; grab bags; raffles; slot machines, etc.).
  17. Individual contracts for services, and any item that is non-transferable.
  18. Event tickets sold for prices that are in violation of the laws or regulations of the event venue.
  19. Non-packaged food items and other food or beverage items sold in a manner inconsistent with federal, state, or local regulations.
  20. Any used goods not appropriate for resale for safety, health, or other reasons, including any clothing items that have not been appropriately cleaned (e.g., used underwear).
  21. Any items that are "adult oriented" in nature or marketed in an objectionable manner, as determined in Reddit.com’s sole discretion.
  22. Alcohol (including but not limited to any beer, wine or liquor).
  23. Bulk marketing products (if the stated or implied use of the following products is unsolicited spam: email lists that are not opt-in, bulk email software or bulk messaging.
  24. Sexual or adult content (including but not limited to pornography, prostitution or escort services).
  25. Inflation of ad clicks or impressions.
  26. Any other item or service that violates any applicable federal, state, or local law or regulation or which Reddit.com determines, in its sole discretion, is inappropriate for sale through the services provided by Reddit.com.

You must be legally able to sell the item(s) you list for sale in your advertisements. You must describe your item and all terms of sale, however your terms of sale may not conflict with this Advertising Policy, or our Privacy Policy or User Agreement, and any such conflicting terms shall be null and void. Your listings may only include text descriptions, graphics, pictures and other content relevant to the sale of that item. Reddit.com reserves the right to remove a listing at any time for any reason whatsoever, in their sole discretion.

In addition to these restrictions, the following techniques are also forbidden:

  1. Your ad landing page and any page or pages redirected to may only redirect within the same domain.
  2. You may not employ any techniques that lead to trapping the user or leave content behind after they try to leave the page.
Three Strike Rule:

If you post an item that is in violation of the terms outlined in this FAQ, you will fall into the Three Strike Rule.

First Violation - Strike one: Your post will be deleted. You be given a warning outlining the violation and given a link to this FAQ.
Second Violation - Strike two: Your post will be deleted. You will be given a warning outlining the violation and given a link to this FAQ. You will be banned for 7 days from posting a sale item.
Third Violation - Strike Three: You will be banned from this community for 365 days.

Warnings will be in effect for 365 days as well. For instance, if you are warned on October 1st, 2010 about a posting, you will be on a sort of posting probation for 365 days where you could be sanctioned with a strike two and three for continued violations. On October 1st, 2011, your posting probation will be reset back to zero.

Feedback Postings: There one kind of postings allowed outside of sales/trades in this community.

Seller/Buyer/Trader Feedback: Please leave your feedback for a particular seller/buyer/trader in the original post. This allows for an easy way to filter through posts to see if there are issues with any transaction. This is encouraged, but please keep it civil if your item was less than what you expected.

Legal Disclaimer : Your use of Gear4Sale in now way holds me (Code347) liable or responsible for any transaction conducted in this community. I am only the creator. I do not negotiate, escrow, or hold monies for any user of this community, I merely administer the terms and conditions for its use.
The responsibility ultimately rests between the parties engaged in any transaction in this community. I cannot and do not make any promise or guarantee for loss. You must seek redress through your local courts. Make sure you are informed on all aspects of your transaction prior to its execution.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator for this community, please e-mail me @ Code347 or message me in Reddit.

As this is a community, I welcome suggestions on improvements.