Geansai Gorm

The auld Geansai Gorm - the Blue Jumper to you and I and to our cousins in America, the blue sweater.

What is this "Geansai Gorm" site for?

There's a bit of a Geansai Gorm SEO competition going at the moment. The premise is simple enough:
  • Take a term that isn't all that prevalent, "Geansai Gorm" and build a site around it
  • Rank number one for it on Google
Of what I know about SEO (not a lot), the real test is ranking for a highly competitive term, "mortgages" for example.

Want to know more about "Geansai Gorm"?

Well according to the "Grey Bandit" site,

The word Geansai Gorm is the Irish word for “Blue Jumper”. Knitting certain articles of clothing, especially larger ones like sweaters & geansai gorm, the final knitted garment will be made of several knitted pieces, with individual sections of the geansai gorm knit separately and then sewn together. Seamless knitting, where a whole garment is knit as a single piece, is also desirable.

Laurence Veale,
Oct 29, 2008, 3:55 PM