Helen Sayer

Born in 1993 in UK
Lives and works in Loughborough,UK
After a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, she has just completed her first year of the BA Fine Art course at Loughborough University. 
Helen Sayer has only recently started to exhibit her work in the UK, that she is already highly acclaimed.

My practice seeks to explore the varying complexities and simplicities of markmaking through painting and drawing. Within my work, I often blur the line between the two disciplines - this is particularly evident in my graphite outcomes which redefine drawing as a painting process. Mixing mediums to challenge the capabilities of materials is intrinsic to my studio experimentation and opens up further possibilities for my artistic enquiry. I choose not to be constrained by a predetermined visual framework, instead allowing the medium to establish its own aesthetic identity on the ground. I respond to the happy accidents which occur, ultimately creating organic, suggestive work which resonates with mystery and intrigue. 


 Oil and graphite on canvas
75 x 100 cm
Perception of Perception

Oil and graphite on canvas
90 x 120 cm
Graphite on paper
52 x 63 cm