David Abse


Born:1958 in London. 
David Abse has been drawing and painting since childhood.
He has a degree in Printmaking from the University of Wolverhampton., UK
David  Abse's work has been exhibited in group shows  over the span of the past 30 years,  in art fairs and galleries, in the UK,  Poland, Japan. and France
He now lives and works in the south of France. 

 I'm an abstract artist, using a mix of acrylic and oils. But that wouldn't be the whole story. I like to paint landscapes, and flower paintings too. Sometimes i use inks and watercolours, and I love drawing - not abstract drawing, but sketching people in cafes and stuff. And then there are my digital drawings and I like printmaking too. But that only touches at the surface. I am British, I am Welsh, I live in France, and I'm a Londoner, and a Jew. And a Disabled person. People care about these labels and they form part of everyone's identity, but again we've only touched the surface. What about my politics? My religion? My loyalty to which football team? (Socialist Atheist Cardiff City fan if you must know). And what do I think about the news? (depressing) What artists do I like? (Matisse, Derain, Rothko, and more) What about music? Books? Films? And what about sex? Yes I like them all but not necessarily in that order. Life is confusing, and I'm just trying to find out who the hell I am at the age of 54. 

Blue Velvet


Mixed media o,n canvas
116 x 81 cm



Mixed media on canvas
100 x 100 cm

Ghost in the Machine


Mixed media on canvas
70 x 54 cm