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Welcome to our Atmosierra!

We are ATMOSIERRA and we are solving some of the problems, which the population of Sierra Leone faces. 
Our company is providing an alternative to wood-burning stoves in the city of Kabala, Koinadugu, Sierra Leone. With a service that disposes of waste for consumers and provides them with biogas powered stoves we are able to improve the living standards of the people living there. We are achieving that by providing them with the solution to problems like:  Human Waste Disposal, Respiratory Diseases, Deforestation

Atmosierra has been founded by 5 students of Hogeschool Utrecht during their Global Entrepreneurship course in 2014. 

Christina Binder

Home Country : Austria
Result Team Role Test : Chairman, Executive
General Information: Back home in Austria I am studying Finance at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Currently I am studying "International Business for Emerging Markets" at Hogeschool Utrecht and for the course "Global Entrepreneurship" we have been working on this project. Due to the fact that I am studying finance in Austria, my primary focus in this project was on the financial issues. 

Hester Boogard

Home Country : The Netherlands
Result Team Role Test : Team Player, Implementer
Information: My major study is  Managment Economics and Law at the Hogeschool Utrecht. You can subscribe the study as Business Administration. At this moment I'm in my 4th year of the study. At the first half year I have to do a minor which I have chosen by myself. The minor I have chosen is International business for emerging  markets, because I wanted to know more about enterpreneurship and I wanted to improve my English.  

Ana Maria Gomez

Home Country : Spain
Result Team Role Test : Chairman, Executive 
General Information: 

Jordan Millwood 

Home Country : United States of America
Result Team Role Test : Chairman, Executive
General Information: Economics and International Business major seeking an entry-level position to gain professional experience while contributing strong analytical and communication skills to assist organizations and communities in economic development and strategic planning. Currently enrolled in an exchange program at Hogeschool Utrecht to learn more about business interactions with emerging markets.

Mert Topcu

Home Country : Turkey
Result Team Role Test : Team Player, Analyst
General Information: In my country, I am studying International Logistics and Transportation at Yeditepe University. I am  an exchange student and I am studying at the moment in Hogeschool Utrecht a minor called International Business in Emerging Markets for one semester.