Business Model

We have used the Business Model Canvas as a first step on our business idea. With this model we can have an overview of the entire environment around us.

Key Partners

- Government
- Non-profit organizations (Food health, Women’s rights, Hivo's)
-Africa Biogas Partnership Programme
- Investors (waste companies, farming organizations)

Key Activities

- Partners for financial support and raw material supply, distributors and production
- Designing stoves
- Assembling stovetops and metal framework
- Creating awareness (health and cost)
- Provide maintenance
- Weekly gas delivery
- Sale of stovetops

Value Proposition

- Easy and similar cooked meals
- Light-weighed 
- Highly efficient cooking method
- Reduction of respiratory diseases
- Reduction of deforestation 
- Increase in family income
- Recycle disposable waste
- Fertilizer

Customer Relationships

- Instruction and maintenance
- Continuous interaction as we fill up their biogas cookers
- Sale of stovetops and subscription to gas delivery

Customer Segments

- People living in the district Koinadugu and its capital city Kabala
- Currently using wood burning stoves
- Promotion to individual households
- Women as well as men (make the financial decisions)

Key Resources

- Common knowledge, knowledge acquired in Global Entrepreneurship lessons, time, ability to work together
- Spreading awareness, marketing
- Assembly workers, sales force, trainers


- We will receive raw materials for the initial investment of the biogas digester, cookers that we provide, and the transportation devices
- When delivering our product to the customer we will have internal logistics
- The delivery of refilled tanks and the pickup of bio-waste will be on cargo bicycles


- We will have initial investment costs in a Biogas Digester
- We will have rent expenses for the location that we set up in Kabala
- Investment costs will also include cargo bicycles for transportation
- Variable costs consist of the cookers and the refillable tanks
- Administrative costs for worker wages and depreciation of assets


- Customers will pay a monthly fee for the service of supplying biogas for their cookers
- If the customer would like to pay for the cookers in the form of installments, we are prepared to set up financial plans to help our customers afford the clean cookers

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